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  1. It annoys the hell out of me the way the AI lands helos: it hovers 50 meters directly above the spot you want it to land for a solid five seconds, then makes a slow descent, turning in the process. Is there anything I can use - mod, script, whatever - to make the AI land helos more realistically, and faster? Not this ridiculous hover-for-eternity followed by slow descent? A normal helo landing, i.e. helo approaches LZ while simultaneously descending, and not at snail pace?

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  2. I know that, yes, though I heard the whole event was a bit dramatized. Not sure what's really true. Nonetheless it's the best mod for third-world factions out there IMO, has loads of factions, and uses quality RHS gear instead of, say, Aggressors which uses a rather awful weapons pack. That is high on my A3 annoyance list, that there isn't a quality Middle Eastern insurgent mod out there that doesn't use A2 ports, A3 Offroads, etc.

  3. Yes-it does mean resubscribing to everything. You can try just allowing it to download the update,but as I said-for me once the update was finished it just started again.And he stated it happens every time he turns on his pc.It's not a real update-it's a bug. It taught me a vauluable lesson about deleting missions when I am done with them :)


    I don't use the workshop for mods-just missions


    Okay, guess I'll be resubscribing. I only use Leight's OPFOR Pack from the Workshop 'cause I haven't bothered to get it off WithSix yet, though I will.

  4. If I understood that correctly... doesn't that mean, after all that's done, that he has to subscribe and download again all the things he wants? Also, if one were to do the Workshop update download, would there be any further problems that you know of?


    I'm getting the same issue, though it's 600 MB not 9.2 GB, and the only Workshop item I'm subscribed to is Leight's OPFOR Pack, which hasn't been updated.

  5. "Several Bonus skins" 


    Hopefully that includes the Customs and border protection skin



    Oh, that poor Black Hawk! To see them in something besides a sexy-looking black hurts me inside.


    Anyway, it is pretty ironic when you consider it, that most of the modded content in A3 - and even some of the vanilla stuff - are straight up A2 ports. I wonder what that says about what A4 will be like.