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  1. It would be cool if someone would strip away all the non-ancient structures on Altis, add buildings from a custom-made ancient structures pack, and model period clothing, ships, and Greek/Persian arms and armor, and release it all as the Xerxes Mod. It just seems a great bloody shame to have warfare on Altis mostly restricted to the 21st/20th century. The island is so beautiful and especially with the visual update hoplites and immortals would look sick.


    Of course, maybe a unit pack would be an easier first step.

    Oh damn, that's actually a really good idea... not sure how well RV4 does melee though...

  2. Excess3's IDF mod has been dead for a year now; a real shame, as so many new vehicles can be added by retexturing vehicles already modded into Arma 3 to IDF standards. Namely, RHS' AH-64D, C-130J, and M113 could be retextured, as could F-15s and F-16s from any one mod.

    If anyone's up for whole new assets, an IWI Negev is sorely needed, a Jericho pistol wouldn't hurt, and new Merkavas/Namers would be a dream come true.

    I'd love to see a another IDF mod, or new life in Excess3's mod...

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  3. Is this the go-to French equipment mod, and does anyone know of other mods that offer French equipment/vehicles? I'm looking to have a full French faction in mods, so this plus HAFM Mirage 2000 and NH 90, etc. Burnes *maybe* has a Leclerc coming out at some point. Anything else? Any French ground vehicles?

  4. Arma 2 BAF vests and helmets, espcially ddpm.


    Arma 3 lacks decents Desert DPM units, most are just reskins that don't look right.


    Get the 3CB BAF mods, if you don't already have them; they are four mods (3CB Equipment, Units, Vehicles, and Weapons) that are all the same project, the British armed forces. It's the best mod for standard British army equipment (as opposed to other mods which bring solely vehicles, or solely weapons). In their next update, the 3CB team will be releasing DPM and Desert DPM uniforms.

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  5. Hi guys I've been away from Arma3 for about 8 months and am rusty so could I ask a couple of stupid questions-

    1- can I import Arma2 units into Arma3?

    2- If that's not possible are there any mods specifically made for Arma3, in particular the Challenger, Warrior, Abrams, Bradley, T-90, BMP2/3 and some Brit infantry etc?

    The list of Arma3 mods here runs to 44 pages and is difficult to read as some seem to be only works in progress or earlier obsolete versions, and others need to have some special pack pre-installed or something.

    I'm vanilla Arma3.



    All kinds of modern Russian and US equipment, including the vehicles you mentioned:



    British forces (all part of the same project, just four different mods for the equipment, units, vehicles, and weapons respectively):






    Challenger 2:



    Only one I don't know a mod for is the Warrior. Enjoy!