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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Is that M2A1 Browning a new model? If so will there be a just ironsights version as well? Looking good! Glad we're getting another naval asset!
  2. Aniallator

    NIArms Release Thread

    Why can't all weapons have reloading animations like Toadie's...
  3. Aniallator


    Okay, thanks for your reply! In my opinion, the BWMod has the highest quality vehicle set of any mod (the Tiger interiors are OH MAH GAWD), so I look forward to the Eagle IV! I'm fine using Aplion's NH90 in a Bundeswehr skin, I just seemed to recall his licencing allowing it to be included in other mods... guess not. Thank you again, and take your time!
  4. Why on Earth not?! Bummer, that's weird. Armaholic, why have you forsaken me?
  5. Aniallator


    Two questions. 1. What's next in store for the mod? Is there a roadmap, or perhaps someone can enlighten me? I just don't know what's in the pipeline right now for the BWMod. Or is there no more new content down the road? 2. Have you considered retexturing and adding Aplion's NH90?
  6. Aniallator

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    This looks great, glad to see the old Bundeswehr Tornado has new life. Looking forward to release!
  7. Aniallator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I believe RHS has a T-14 in the pipeline. Several mods use variants of the Leopard tank, among them the Bundeswehr Mod (the best Leopard IMO, BWMod has probably some of the highest quality vehicles of any mod), FFAA Mod, and Hellenic Armed Forces Mod. Burnes of Burnes' Armories has some Abrams and a Challenger 2. CUP Vehicles has a number of tanks as well. Don't worry, if you're looking for tanks RHS isn't the only option ;)
  8. TBH I don't even use German forces stuff right now, because Bundeswehr's 2020 setting is too futuristic for me and Kleiderhammer isn't complete without vests. Judging by the quality of all their other stuff, I think the vests are going to be gorgeous! Kleiderhammer + NIArms G36 + BWMod vehicles/weapons = happy me :)
  9. They are, the whole 1940 battle for France and the Low Countries is totally left out. However, it's worth noting that the Free French Forces don't equate to the French forces of 1939/40, as they used lots of surplus American and British uniforms/vehicles/weapons.
  10. Not really important, but it'd be nice if the community guide vids were downloaded in HD onto the Arma game, so that they can be watched offline, etc and so they don't have to buffer.
  11. Has door breaching via shotgun been considered for ACE3?
  12. Sorry, but is this not on Armaholic?
  13. Aniallator

    Have community guide vids downloaded onto Arma game

    Didn't see an option :/ Again it's not important anyway, and if it's already possible to download them then that's just fine.
  14. Aniallator

    An-12 CUP

    I would not choose one mod over another if it brought unique content to the table, but if two mods are bringing the same product to the game then I go with the better product.
  15. Aniallator

    Have community guide vids downloaded onto Arma game

    Okay, fair enough; or have them downloaded and be able to delete them.
  16. Aniallator

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Thank you for continuing to work on this map! It's always a shame to see great mods forgotten by their developers.
  17. No, and I believe there's an update coming in the near-ish future ;)
  18. Aniallator

    Operation FrenchPoint

    I need this mod :)
  19. A suggestion, if you haven't thought of it already: do an unclipped strap version, so the straps are hanging down.
  20. Aniallator

    [WIP] Black Powder mod

    I'm not sure if this was brought up before, but full-on fortifications would be to die for, and the Royal Marines are kind of a must. By fortifications, I mean anything from a full-fledged fort to a smaller fort or battery; they're one of those things you could slap onto the coast of Altis and BAM, you have a ship versus battery cannon duel followed by an assault on the battery with the ship's marines. I've seen many colonial forts (British, Dutch, French, etc) all over the world, so let me know if you need any inspiration and I'd be more than happy to share some pics. And a question: how are you going to handle musket reloading animations?
  21. Aniallator

    An-12 CUP

    Okay, thanks for the reply :) I'm just one of those damned perfectionists, so if there are two mods that accomplish the same thing I evaluate them both then go with the better one. I agree, in the fixed-wing transport department OPFOR is a no-show, and BLUFOR is totally spoiled. The An-2 makes no sense to me as a modern military transport, so I don't use it. Now excuse me while I parachute a VDV platoon from an An-12 ;)
  22. Aniallator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Yes! Are there actually any French ground vehicle mods? I believe Burnes is working on HMS Bulwark.
  23. Aniallator

    An-12 CUP

    Looks good, though just wondering; what's the difference between this An-12 and [Dust]Sabre's?
  24. Aniallator

    3den Enhanced

    Ah okay, so still the default Eden 20 m start-up height :( I don't know how difficult it is but a flying or no flying ckeckbox option, like in the 2D editor, would be great.