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    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    RHS, will you guys implement interior views on armored vehicles similar to the way the BW mod does? Fewer/no PIP screens and stuff? Take a look at how BW mod does their interiors, it's terrific.
  2. Aniallator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Have you seen the Bundeswehr Mod? Besides their Leopard 2 and Puma IFV - both of very high quality - they have a Eurocopter Tiger attack helicopter, and I'm not shitting you when I say it's the highest quality helicopter I've ever seen in Arma 3. Interior and exterior and mindblowing. I highly recommend getting BW Mod, it's an all-around high quality mod, and if you're looking for a quality attack helicopter than damn it that's the one.
  3. Aniallator

    US Military Mod (80s 90s)

    Glad to hear I can use this in the Arsenal without CUP... I am mostly looking to recreate 2003 Iraq so RHS works fine. Looking forward to release soon! Do you have a full feature list somewhere? Can you post one?
  4. Aniallator

    Arma3 - AGGRESSORS

    Tried to download Aggressors from WithSix, got this error part way through the download: I have the latest version of WithSix. Help!
  5. Aniallator

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Wait, more than the two Wildcats you have now?!
  6. Aniallator

    Bombardier CRJ200 (Ivory)

    Thank god! It's been killing me that Ivory Aircraft is no longer available. Can you pleasepleaseplease make an Air Altis skin, to represent the Altian national airline?
  7. EPIC AI enhancement mod. I'm replaying the campaign with this and ACE3, and I've barely progressed because the AAF squads continually take out myself or Sgt. Adams. Now, are all the optionals enabled of default? If not, how do I enable them? And I too am getting this error: I downloaded bCombat from WithSix. I don't see any bcombat folder in the userconfig folder, nor do I see a bcombat .hpp file in the @bcombat folder.
  8. Aniallator


    Damn! Okay. What else you guys have in store for this mod, by the way? German voice acting planned/hoped for?
  9. Aniallator

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    I just use Blastcore for the smoke, and the columns of smoke you get from destroyed vehicles... I do wish there was a realistic visual effects mod out there.
  10. Aniallator


    Yes, though I'm looking for a way to use the wreck model without any smoke or flames or anything; just the wreck model, to give the appearance that it crash landed. Not sure if that's possible?
  11. Aniallator


    Is there any way to access the Tiger's wreck model in the editor? Because it's a nice model, not the usual shapeless black hulk that BI uses... it'd be cool for a Black Hawk Down type scenario.
  12. Aniallator


    Sorry, I wasn't very descriptive! I'm referring to the way looking through your scope is represented: As opposed to something like this: Maybe I'm just being picky ;)
  13. Aniallator


    Just got BW Mod. Loving it, especially the vehicles, VERY high quality. Interior of the Tiger is to die for. A few things: 1) I thought there were more vehicles? Bundeswehr Fennek et cetera? 2) What up with the standard infantry scope, when you look through it it just looks weird...
  14. Aniallator

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    I am very happy right now :)
  15. Aniallator

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Love the mod, guys! It's like RHS: BAF. Looking forward to having the Apache Longbow soon. I was wondering, is it possible to edit both Wildcat models to replace the skids with more realistic wheels? It's possible to edit vanilla BI models, surely?
  16. So I downloaded ALiVE recently, and am consequently new and inexperienced with the mod. I;m mostly getting it for the Insurgency ability, so can a more experienced ALiVE user please explain, or give a link to an explanation, of how to step-by-step set up an ALiVE Insurgency? Among the things I was doing wrong was somehow managing to have too many objectives, like 200 or so; the message I got said 80 was the recommended max for performance reasons, but I'm clueless how to change it. Thanks in advance.
  17. Yeah, so I unsubscribed from ACE on the Workshop and downloaded ACE fron WithSix (I hate in Armaholic having to redownload whole bloody mods just to get an update), and the .dlll files were there. Moved them to the A3 root folder, and Bob's your uncle. Also, I could be wrong, but I think my Workshop version had the .dll files. Not certain.
  18. Oh f*ckig hell so it gave me the same error again. However I tried this: Moved all the ACE .dll files to the A3 directory, and voila! Working :) Thanks @b.a.verrecus! Hopefully I won't be commenting on this thread in the near future.
  19. So I removed my Steam Workshop version of ACE and downloaded ACE from WithSix, got A3 going... and everything works! SO the issue lies somewhere within the Steam Workshop version of ACE. This I am sorry to hear, because Steam Workshop is certainly the easiest way to keep mods up-to-date, but WithSix isn't bad.
  20. So I did a bunch of testing using different mods, and no matter what mods I use, if I'm using ACE then I get the ace_advanced_ballistics.dll is not installed error. So I cannot use ACE. The reason this was happening: was that opening the A3 launcher automatically "updated" ACE, AKA reverted the files. So I could open the launcher then go to the @ace folder and make the changes, and the changes would stay. Doing this results in another error, ace_fcs.dll is not installed, so I assume this goes for all the the ACE .dll files. So... what's going on? Because I reallyreallyreally want to be able to use ACE. FYI I am using CBA3 and ACE from the Steam Workshop. I tried downloading and using the CBA3 from WithSix, but that resulted in the same errors. Next, I suppose, I'll try ACE from WithSix. Also, should my ACE .dll files be located in just the @ace folder, no subfolders within the @ace folder? Because they're in just the @ace folder. Is there anything I can do to "install" them? Googling this hasn't helped. Help solving this please...
  21. I just tried doing that, only loading CBA, RHS, and ACE, and I get the same results as you, just the M107 error - so the conflicting mod is not RHS. I use 20-ish mods, so I'll just have to start up A3 with CBA, ACE, and one other mod for each mod until I find the one causing the error. Let the long loading times begin! And thanks so much for your help :) One other thing though, before starting A3 I made sure the RHS compatibility .pbo and .bisign files were in the addons folder, I made sure the advanced ballistics .pbo and .bisign were moved out, and I deleted the realistic names .pbo and .bisign because I prefer the vanilla names, yet after loading up A3 then going back to the @ace folder to check I found that the RHS compatibility files were not in the addons folder and were back in optionals, that the advanced ballistics files were back, as were the realistic names files. So after starting A3 it reverted all the files changes I'd made in the @ace folder, even for the files I'd deleted. It wasn't doing this previously.
  22. Nope, advanced ballistics error is the only error I get. I tried what you suggested, I moved the .pbo and .bisign for advanced ballistics out of the @ace folder, and I no longer get the error and everything works fine, so it's just something to do with ace_advanced_ballistics.dll. Not sure what. I have the RHS optionals moved into addons and everything.
  23. So I checked again and it seems I still have the "Extension ace_advanced_ballistics.dll is not installed" error, but it's a conflict with other mods; I used just ACE and CBA and had no problems. not sure what it could be, but it's very annoying, because I can't use RHS with it. I checked into the A3 directory and into the @ace folder while A3 was running, and the ace_advanced_ballistics.dll is there in the folder with all the other .dll files, so that rules out that my firewall was deleting it. So I'm stumped. I'm using CBA off Steam, do I maybe need to use the WithSix or Armaholic CBA?
  24. Two questions: 1. Yesterday I couldn't use ACE because I was getting an "Error ace_advanced_ballistics.dll is not installed", but today I see there's an update for ACE, and I no longer have that error... was it fixed in the update? 2. Is there any way to activate advanced medical in the ACE settings, so I always use it and don't have to place a module?