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  1. Would love to see bCombat up-to-date, best AI enhancement mod IMO.
  2. Aniallator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'm just realizing how epic the Black Powder mod will be in Tanoa, the square riggers + all those islands? Mmm, yes please! Could have some 18th century-style island conquests/invasions!
  3. Aniallator

    3den Enhanced

    LOL, why doesn't BI get their shit together and make this mod official xD BTW, is there a way to set aircraft to "Flying" that I'm missing? If not, I'd love to see it!
  4. Aniallator

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    @accuracythruvolume you could do Iraqi Air Force retextures for RHS' C-130 and Su-25, and an Iraqi Army retexture for Aplion's EC635.
  5. Aniallator

    Eden Objects

    Of all the lovable things in this mod, I am REALLY loving the Orca wreck! IMO proper wreck models are a huge fail on BI's part, save for the Blackfoot. Would love to see more helo and even other vehicle wrecks if you ever get around to them!
  6. Aniallator

    Enhanced Movement

    Dumb question: is there ACE3 support?
  7. Aniallator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Oh damn, that's actually a really good idea... not sure how well RV4 does melee though...
  8. Aniallator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Excess3's IDF mod has been dead for a year now; a real shame, as so many new vehicles can be added by retexturing vehicles already modded into Arma 3 to IDF standards. Namely, RHS' AH-64D, C-130J, and M113 could be retextured, as could F-15s and F-16s from any one mod. If anyone's up for whole new assets, an IWI Negev is sorely needed, a Jericho pistol wouldn't hurt, and new Merkavas/Namers would be a dream come true. I'd love to see a another IDF mod, or new life in Excess3's mod...
  9. Aniallator

    Serbian Armed Forces (SAF) [v0.90]

    Gorgeous as ever! That M84... :) Keep up the amazing stuff, SAF team!
  10. Aniallator

    R3F French Weapons Pack

    Is this the go-to French equipment mod, and does anyone know of other mods that offer French equipment/vehicles? I'm looking to have a full French faction in mods, so this plus HAFM Mirage 2000 and NH 90, etc. Burnes *maybe* has a Leclerc coming out at some point. Anything else? Any French ground vehicles?
  11. Aniallator

    [WIP] Terrain Diyala province Iraq

    Haven't been on the forum for a month or two, and saw the new RHS update on FB so figured I'd swing by... AND HOLY FUCKING SHIT AM I GLAD I DID!!! Thank you for release @Cype_Revenge, been looking forward to this map for a long time! Iraq baby, yeah! Okay, now someone make a Kiowa mod and my life will be complete ;)
  12. Aniallator

    Boeing 737 - 100

    Ach, I have wanted a good civilian jetliner for so long as background for airport battle scenarios. Looking forward to this! Will there be a wreck model?
  13. Aniallator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'd like an Afghan National Army version of cleggy's M1117 Guardian, the Guardian being the ANA's most widely used armored vehicle. All you need to do is add an Afghan flag flying from it, similar to the way the eastern European insurgent flag that flies from the RHS insurgent T-72.
  14. Is there a full list of VTN equipment/vehicles/weapons somewhere?
  15. Awesome progress! This looks like a stellar map, mate.
  16. The Typhoon's coming along beautifully, but I can't deny it... I'm really here for the Puma :D
  17. Aniallator

    Eden Objects

    LOL you should help BI make Arma 4. GJ and cheers!
  18. Aniallator

    Eden 3D work space freezes

    I have the same issue, narrowed it down to ACE, though strangely I'm unaware of any other ACE users having this. Damned annoying, not being able to use my two favorite parts of A3 at the same time.
  19. Yep, I have the latest version. The issue you linked to is exactly what I'm getting though.
  20. I went into Eden using ACE, and everything worked fine initially. I played the scenario I was creating, then switched back to the editor... except now I am unable to move anywhere in the editor whatsoever. So basically, I can't create scenarios using ACE. Anyone else having this issue?
  21. Aniallator

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Get the 3CB BAF mods, if you don't already have them; they are four mods (3CB Equipment, Units, Vehicles, and Weapons) that are all the same project, the British armed forces. It's the best mod for standard British army equipment (as opposed to other mods which bring solely vehicles, or solely weapons). In their next update, the 3CB team will be releasing DPM and Desert DPM uniforms.
  22. Nice update! still waiting for vests though.
  23. It annoys the hell out of me the way the AI lands helos: it hovers 50 meters directly above the spot you want it to land for a solid five seconds, then makes a slow descent, turning in the process. Is there anything I can use - mod, script, whatever - to make the AI land helos more realistically, and faster? Not this ridiculous hover-for-eternity followed by slow descent? A normal helo landing, i.e. helo approaches LZ while simultaneously descending, and not at snail pace?
  24. Aniallator

    US Military Mod

    Good to hear Delta Hawk! Looking forward to PWS release whenever it arrives...