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    Detail on the Eagle is outstanding. Many thanks for all your hard work!
  2. Extremely pleased to see the level of detail on vehicles... Tumak-2 is great, and the Poles finally get some air support :)
  3. Awesome!! Keep up the good work
  4. Hahahahaha xD Jesus stop pumping out so much content! This is too much to take in! Can't wait to see all of this in the mod :)
  5. Aniallator

    1-2 FPS since update

    Just finished updating A3 and tried to start it up with the mods I normally use. It loaded to the main screen then froze there, and I had to use task manager to close it. Tried starting it again but without mods, and this worked fine until I realized I was getting 11 FPS in the main screen. Loaded up Tanoa and placed a unit, and what do you know, 1-2 FPS. Already tried verifying files, will do a full disk defrag shortly. WTF? Anyone else getting this? I would have thought moving up to 64 bit would increase performance? Completely and utterly unplayable... I mean no shit right.
  6. Aniallator

    1-2 FPS since update

    God, you make me feel like an absolute idiot. I opened the NVIDIA control panel and made sure A3 was using the high-performance processor, and it was. What didn't occur to me is that this was arma3.exe that I was looking at, not arma3_64x.exe. Just checked the control panel, added arma3_64x.exe as a program, and sure enough it's using integrated graphics. Thank you and everyone else for your help! /resolved
  7. Aniallator

    1-2 FPS since update

    Don't use either of those, so nope :(
  8. Aniallator

    1-2 FPS since update

    Yeah, from the A3 root folder I've been able to open A3 with the arma3.exe instead of the arma3_x64.exe and the game appears to run normally, the only problem is that that means A3 is opened without the launcher, so it's completely vanilla and I can't select any mods. How do I run it in 32-bit from the launcher?
  9. Aniallator

    1-2 FPS since update

    Just checked, that's not the problem unfortunately, detecting the card just fine.
  10. Aniallator

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    DAYUM!! Quick question: in 0.4.1 or so the way a character holds an AK was changed; before they would hold it by grasping the mag, now they hold it by grasping under the barrel. As far as I know the former is not possible in any way (not even ruPal's mod which previously enabled you to switch between the two grip methods). Is there any chance that being able to grasp the AK by the magazine will be returned? i.e. being able to switch between the two methods? Because I personally preferred holding the AK by the mag, it was more visually pleasing. I only ask because I would assume you guys still have the animation for it, so I thought it might be possible.
  11. Still looking forward to that Rosomak!
  12. Aniallator

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Awesome! I'm sorry to say I usually avoid using the AK(S)-74(U) simply because the textures are too WIP for my taste... looking forward to this with anticipation :)
  13. Aniallator

    3den Enhanced

    The function that makes units garrison buildings? Select the units you want to garrison, then right click on them. In the menu mouse over "Edit", under this you will find "Garrison Building". The selected units will occupy positions in any buildings near them. I love using this little tool :)
  14. Aniallator

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    How infuriating... well thanks nonetheless :) EDIT: This seems to work perfectly: null=[] spawn { while {true} do { player action ["lightOn", heli1]; sleep 0.01};};
  15. Aniallator

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    What's the script to toggle the Mi-8's headlights? The only script in Mi-8's UserActions in the config viewer is for the interior lights.
  16. Look I hate to ask, but is there a fix coming for the fastrope waypoint bug where AI helos don't drop ropes when they arrive at the waypoint? Because it's been here since fastropes were first implemented and basically prevents any SP/coop missions with fastropes.
  17. Aniallator

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    Looking excellent :)
  18. Took me like a minute of walking around it, but I found the sweet spot and the action menu finally appeared... thanks :)
  19. How exactly am I supposed to use the spotting scope once I place it? No action menu appears, it just sits there and I can't look through it.
  20. Aniallator

    3den Enhanced

    When I first saw this I was like "Pfff I don't need a mod that adds more stuff to the editor, the new Eden editor already has everything." How wrong I was xD Thanks a million, this is absolutely invaluable... saves so much time. I especially love little tidbits like the Garrison Buildings function... before, I would manually place units in all these buildings, which also just kind of killed the mission itself for me because I had a good idea of where a lot of the enemies were. Now with this it takes two seconds and it's random :D
  21. I'm very sorry to hear that, pretty ballsy of them to upload it a second time... someone deserves a serious reprimand.
  22. Aniallator

    Mig-21 PFM (Fishbed-F)

    I hate to be *that guy*, but have you considered any more skins for the MiG? I know, I know... I ask only because most of the current skins are Lingor, Nogova, etc... the only real life skins are Bulgaria and USSR, which makes it limiting to use in missions (no Bulgarian Armed Forces mod, so I've used it a bit in missions involving Basher's Soviet Armed Forces). I just feel it's missing skins like Serbian (Serbia uses a handful of Fishbeds, and could be used with RHS:SAF), or Syrian (Syrian Air Force still has like 200 Fishbeds or something outlandish, and SAA will be coming soon to Project OPFOR). I'm sorry this comes off as a request, I would just love to find more ways to use this addon in missions. Thanks so much for all your work!
  23. So with TPW + RHS, Russian radio chatter plays in all vehicles including US ones.
  24. Aniallator


    So wait, will all these upcoming planes be coming in one new pack? Or the bomber pack?