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    1.60 patch messed up skies.

    On a similar note, the new skybox seems to be incompatible with the BIS render worlds. The maps used to act as a complete greenscreen but since 1.60 the skybox shows up. Anyone have any ideas on how to resolve it? Thanks in advance! (PS Sorry for hijacking, I'm a new user so can't create a new thread).
  2. 13DarkWolf

    IFA3WarMod Release

    Recently picked up Iron Front, this mod is absolutely fantastic, incredible effort Gunter and all others involved! :D I do have a couple of minor queries: 1) I can't seem to patch from v1.0 to v1.1. I've downloaded the full version (579mb) but according to the right hand side of the menu, Arma is still running v1.0. Likewise I've tried the separate patch (184mb) and moved all the 'Install these files' into the @IFA3WarMod folder but it has made no difference, I still have the Willy's Jeep sound issue and zoomed sights so I'm fairly certain I'm going wrong somewhere. Apologies if it's a stupid question but I've run out of ideas. If it helps, load order looks like this: @CBA_A3;@LIB_DLC_1;@IF;@IFA3SA;@IFA3m;@IFA3;@IFA3Fix; @IFA3WarMod 2) Is there a way to deactivate the tracer rounds for every shot? Purely personal preference. 3) Is it possible for the Katyusha to perform remote artillery using the support request module? I've tried it in the editor with manned and empty vehicles with no luck. Thanks in advance for any help and keep it up with the great work!