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  1. Hey @raspu86, I have my rpt file invaded by error message (~3000) as it : Warning: y\tfw_radios\addons\ilbe\data\model\antenna\tfw_ilbe_ant.p3d:1, vertex: 2303, sum of weights is 2, should be 100 And other messages a little different. If you want, I can send you my rpt file.
  2. Jack Ost

    Armachinima: your evaluation systems and votes

    For me, my primary vote is Op. Bellérophon - Episode 2 for origininality of game content use, introduction of women and usage of a diversity of languages (In addition to the rest say above).
  3. My bad, I've read too fast ;)
  4. Page Versioning is still 4.0 Thanks aplion for upgrade, no changelog ?
  5. There will be some commands to set Radar On/Off, to change/force radar range, etc ? Otherwise, there is a small problem on the gui with radar numbers : http://hpics.li/38b31e5
  6. Jack Ost

    Black Sky Global Patch

    Included with CUP Terrains Maps
  7. Jack Ost

    Black Sky Global Patch

    Hi, No problem guys ;) Small update : - Add of BTC_Al_Jak map patch - Remove XCam_prototype patch due to recent release
  8. Oh yeah, airport is incredible.
  9. It was not a hard work, it took me 2 minutes to do. If you need some help, pm me.
  10. Hi guys, A small fix in order to have planes with zeus. If it miss others things, let me know. Download here : https://1fichier.com/?gvmwcirijk -> It's not a replacement, it's a temporary fix until Aplion read this post.
  11. Request useful function : - add function to set throttle value for plane speed (for example : 25%) , like this : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setActualCollectiveRTD
  12. Jack Ost

    AutoPilot Script

    Hi, New version only client side available, guides are updated. Changelog (v0.7) : - Automatic Launch Addon - Module version deleted - Add keybinding menu I know that there is some performance problems and it miss some nice features. But I decided to stop development of this project till official release of Jets DLC (I think you know why).
  13. Jack Ost

    Reverse Thrust

    Hi, New version, now it's full client side. You can play with it without module. Work in MP (you can be the only player to have). I have rewritten french and english guide. And now two versions (maybe temporary) : 1 in french, 1 in english. Changelog (v 1.6) : - Automatic Launch Addon - Delete module version - Add keysbinding menu - Fix some bugs
  14. Jack Ost

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Very good job, mirage 2000 -> :wub:
  15. Jack Ost

    Reverse Thrust

    Thanks for feedback, soon updated.
  16. Jack Ost

    AutoPilot Script

    Yes, I planned it but I don't have a lot of time at the moment.
  17. Jack Ost

    AutoPilot Script

    Hi, Thanks for suggestions and thanks @armatech, I missed to update cfgpatches :) It doesn't work with helicopters. And yes, I'm planning to add ILS, and others features.
  18. Jack Ost

    AutoPilot Script

    File updated (now it's work fine). 1st question : maybe in the future 2nd question : yes you can For AC-130, no, usaf mod has already his own script.
  19. Jack Ost

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi, Need this : http://image.sportsmansguide.com/adimgs/l/9/98520_ts.jpg Like this : http://www.meretmarine.com/sites/default/files/styles/mem_846_article_content/public/new_objets_drupal/20140514232543_comm.jpg Or this for tanoa : https://cdn4.thr.com/sites/default/files/2012/02/act_of_valor_camouflage_a_l.jpg Better than hot and heavy ghillie suit.
  20. Hi, I have some malfunction with my joystick : T-Flight hotas X by Thrustmaster (just for arma 3, not in DCS or FSX), when i press escape, open map or back office, etc... , the throttle value change to 0% but my physical throttle joystick is up to 100%. I have this problem with planes and helicopter with and without mods. I test with differents sensitivity and dead zone.
  21. Jack Ost

    Map Kidal - Mali

    Very nice, a big town My Mirage 2000 is ready to take off :) In my opinion : miss few village and miss some buildings for airport (I thought there was not :P)
  22. Jack Ost

    Reverse Thrust

    Hi, New version available. First page edited. Changelog (v1.53) Update config for 1.60 Update init function (cba version compatibility)
  23. Jack Ost

    Reverse Thrust

    Hi, New version available and english guide now available. First page edited. Changelog (v1.52) : - Update config - Binarize config - Small tweaks - new key/bisign
  24. Jack Ost

    Eden Feature Requests

    Need attachto function in real time please. Very useful function.