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    Mario-Kart Arma 3

    No don't use a public variable for each script. Try something like this -> In object.sqf _myVehicle setVariable ["myItem", _item, true]; In keypressed : _item = _myVehicle getVariable "myItem"; Read this for further informations : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Variables
  2. Jack Ost

    Mario-Kart Arma 3

    No it's wrong. Hint and keypressed are independent. Hint execute at the moment your vehicle pass through the sphere. And keypressed is the moment you choose to use your item. getObject.sqf should have selectRandom and switch with hint only. Keypressed should have switch with each item script only.
  3. Jack Ost

    Immersion Cigs

    Hi rebelvg, There is a small error with ace and Headless client (from rpt) :
  4. Hi, It's normal that author property is not share by inheritance ? For example, I have : class cfgWeapons { class H_Beret_02; class myDLC_Beret_Base: H_Beret_02 { dlc="myDLC"; author="Me"; scope=0; }; class MyBeret: myDLC_Beret_Base { scope=2; displayName="(myDLC) Beret"; hiddenSelectionsTextures[]= { "\myDLC_items\data\Beret\myDLC_beret.paa" }; picture="\myDLC_items\data\Beret\myDLC.paa"; }; }; And MyBeret have all elements good except author, it's written unknown author. What is wrong ?
  5. Jack Ost

    Author inheritance

    OK, thank you for the answer. Same thing for dlc property, I suppose.
  6. Jack Ost

    Mario-Kart Arma 3

    If you want to have hint before pressing key, you should make select random in another script that keypressed.sqf. Script called getObject.sqf for example, and here you use select random then you add hint. And for share your variable _item, you should use public variable attach to the vehicle (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVariable).
  7. Jack Ost

    Mario-Kart Arma 3

    Add your hint for each case in your switch ?
  8. Jack Ost

    Mario-Kart Arma 3

    Allways use displayAddEventHandler instead of displaySetEventHandler.
  9. Jack Ost

    Mario-Kart Arma 3

    Hi, try to use random number then use switch with add action for each case. (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/switch_do) You doesn't need to use an array.
  10. Jack Ost

    Black Sky Global Patch

    Hi, Small update : - Add of Diaoyu map patch (original custom weather is preserved) - Remove Evergreen patch due to recent release - Remove Ural patch due to new version - Rebuild all pbo in order to allow to sign it
  11. Jack Ost

    Mario-Kart Arma 3

    Hi, try to use trigger with condition : vehicle and sphere positions matches. And for action : https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction
  12. Very nice map, some new buildings very cool, airbase is nice too. Two small bad points, sat texture is strange and JBAD requirement is less cool (I would have liked cup dependance). But good work, continue like that
  13. Maybe you can keep the actual version for non apex owners and add a copy of your map with apex trees for apex owners ? Like, Isla duala standard version and isla duala apex version. Just an idea.
  14. Jack Ost

    SPIE Addon

    Hi duda, I know you're working on amazing train mod so I've a question. Are you still working on this script or you have stop this project ? I'm looking for a script like this and you seem to be the last hope ^^ and cool video :)
  15. Hey, Very nice mod, it's cool. Have you plan to add awesome train klaxon ?
  16. Jack Ost

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Try to connect your game client with profile HC1 and with BattleEye activated. Then move user profile of HC1 from Arma 3 User Directory to server users profile directory. It's works for me.
  17. Work for me on 1.66, with only cup+bornholm_lite+fix. Known issue : if you load unfixed map first, the blue sky will be not loaded on the fix (you should load the fixed map in first)
  18. Hi, There is a command or a function to drop the vehicle weapons (like bombs on a plane) ? Not firing but dropping. The command "removeWeapon" keep the weapon on the vehicle.
  19. Jack Ost

    Black Sky Global Patch

    Hi, I'm sorry but I patch only finished or almost finished maps. Author note say : "This is an unstable alpha version with some problems, use at your own risk!". Answer on your pm. I patch only arma 3 maps.
  20. Unfortunately yes, I've the last version 1.2.2 And my rpt is deleted :/
  21. Thanks a lot for your answer. It's not yet on the wiki page so I thought there was nothing about.
  22. Please, why command "setVehicleRadar" only for AI units ? No chance to have a command that activate/disable the radar dynamically for players ?