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  1. How did you get that number? I am trying this size and generating right now, But i changed it inside TerrainBuilder to 20480 and it matches the heightmap from a 12288x12288 sat image ^_^ hopefuly its right So i did that and i got no water inside buldozer. >Edit < forgot cellsize of 6. oops. what should texture layer be ? >
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=689765144 ///S C A T T E R E D - I S L A N D S ///This is first Ever completed Project ///20km'2 ///empty islands , adding trees in future update
  3. D3F3CT3D

    S C A T T E R I S L A N D S

    This is a Generated map so its not IRL
  4. Great! , Works on youtube and other websites too
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    S C A T T E R I S L A N D S

    wonderful comments, thank you
  6. Is this old now? Since eden, you can just place objects and export the same
  7. Extracted pbo No. This from Scratch. P\Project\Config.cpp correct location. - > its Not upadating directories in TB , Config.cpp is Normal
  8. I imported it and it did that. Im trying to find a way to smooth it in a 3d terrain editor, trying l3dt.., the edges are blocky around the whole island. ( I import heightmap into l3dt and its all flat , lol )
  9. thanks , whats the difference in having it in a seperate folder? and do i move my project folder to the P drive? my shape folder directory, when changing source location for pine trees it sais the drive doesnt exist.. and it does exist on the dedicated p drive i just moved a3 over and didnt do futuratoP
  10. My terrain builder was always in P drive, and it wont start from A3ToolsLauncher..... I set compatibility to Windows 7 and always run as administrator.
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    Grabing small objects

    You cant grab small objects? what?
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    "If your going to practice your flying in MP, your going to have a bad day"
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    United States Air Force( 2015)

    that f35 was really fun , thanks