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  1. Doesnt work , The roads are not accurate , The Polylines like i mentioned do not match the buldozer roads, [ Never will unless fixed ] Thats why im asking people for there techniques, there is no way im going to guess for every part of the road it would take weeks to finish.
  2. surface mask texture is for close up , my problem is detailed distant satellite roads that line up perfectly with the buldozer roads i created from polylines.. and also to mention , export shapes to imagery ( The polylines [ roads ] do not even line up with the roads in buldozer.. Resulting in never going to line up in photoshop
  3. D3F3CT3D

    Best way to get satalite pic?

    I also reccomend G-Map for high resolution real terrain if anyone is looking for that , under get static button - https://greatmaps.codeplex.com/
  4. i have had similiar issue , i verify'd my Cacche Twice or 3 times for it to actually download missing files ( around 7 ) from what i remember , make sure the paths are correct like Dragon said , and make a new Workdrive Mandatory , No more P drive.
  5. Unrelated , Does anyone know the sizes for PictureMaps / Loading screens? Pboproject said power of 2 numbers, i try 2048x2048 and it doesnt look right Zoomed out - ZOOMED IN SETTINGS..... SAT IMG
  6. Token : pwsc-{Zm1DUnY5NXJydjBtT1RtRk9LRENzM0w5QlNDcnB1TVB3R3psbWlaV1EycEdYUi94V2dBTVA4bVNodGlPRzJMZmtYZFdWWndFUnlqSGNXMWdsN0ZYSWkwT2tpNm5ZOFFjN2tpVnIvWEFpNkJLT3liN044WnhpbGRNN0l0UTY4RmI=} http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=691825011 Base Update 1 http://imgur.com/a/OyqEc http://imgur.com/a/BZ5US
  7. 40960 x 4096 was that a typo. - how do you split image into 4 image / tiles from photoshop to terrain builder. also is it possible to make cell size 20 with 40960-grid terrain size = 81920 ?
  8. anyone know a fix for better satellite qualtiy something you would see from altis? - i export standard L3DT image 2048x2048 and its sufficient enough for mountain rock > below When putting custom rock i get this effect , same export settings with terrain builder -> but in photoshop it is so much more detail ?
  9. why dont you post a working config ?
  10. > Buldozer keeps reseting video settings, very annoying.. > How to get roads to show up for buldozer window, same process ie.. editor.sqs
  11. Edit: --is there a new config format that works , the kunduz config didnt work for me in game no map shows , packed worked. ( black sky / water textures aswell )
  12. Quick Question : How to draw masks on satellite image around objects, When you cant see Object Placements in photoshop ? Mask PSD easy to load and copy colors from arma masks for terrain builder. Size: 1024x1024 http://www.filedropper.com/arma-masks-psd
  13. What the heck is going on with this mask?
  14. So ... 2 Colors for Soil.. 1 color green 2 color Asphalt.. The index filter was showing "2" colors for each mask somehow? So in the last picture its clearly Asphalt over Soil , With the Pencil tool in photoshop having the staircase effect no blur or other colors , and its just that, doesnt explain the grass being there as no grass mask is there in the first place
  15. D3F3CT3D

    [PSD] Simple Mask Workspace

    Thats great idea! thanks, The Terrain builder is not exporting imagery with road selected , only the background color.. Fixed: Did what these guys did - Set the shape Layer mask by right clicking https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/189346-shapes-to-imagery-doesnt-work/ Perfect Thanks!
  16. D3F3CT3D

    [PSD] Simple Mask Workspace

    Yes it is difficult to make " Asphalt " Around base without knowing where to place it on 10240 image lol, its like driving at night without head lights.. But I did that and it is not good way to guess things.
  17. D3F3CT3D

    Another Terrain : Island Z

    Thanks, Was thinking about that for other mod sites- that when updates come along they will be automatic
  18. D3F3CT3D

    Another Terrain : Island Z

    Made an update on the Base - Helicopter Pads - Runway lights fix - Hangars - Barracks - SandBags http://imgur.com/a/OyqEc
  19. D3F3CT3D

    Another Terrain : Island Z

    I just make The maps
  20. LoL , what as i thinking? Loong night.
  21. I think i corrupted the file somehow from trying to change the satellite / Mask resolution to 8 for lower resolutuion thus faster packing times for testing in game.. anyway im getin this error message everytime i try to generate textures - also i cancelled the paa conversion in the midst of it - i dont have a surface mask image either LAYERS - CFG -
  22. Great work , what is the server ip ?
  24. Trying to complete first real world terrain How does everyone Downsize/Resample a large image without losing quality into a 2048x2048 workspace or any for that matter, is there a size tutorial The island is 11.3 kilometres (7.0 mi) in length and 12.4 kilometres (7.7 mi) in width; it has an area of 73.15 km2 (28.24 sq mi). From this website on Terrain Size should I be using this below since its the closest -Link.. http://tactical.nekromantix.com/wiki/doku.php?id=arma:terrain:grid_cell_size grid: 2048 cell : 6 km x km : 12.2 Square km: 150.994944 Heightmap Image: The original heightmap download size is 1081x1081 Satellite image: If you still dont get what i mean , this is 2048 resolution This is Original
  25. I actually said should i be using this size, the area of the island is 73.15 km '2 , and 2048 cell 6 , is 150 square km right? making it almost double in size i think.. but 2048 with cell 6 = 12.2 x 12.2 km which is roughly the same size as the island.... which is confusing to me, can you elaborate