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    White Fog in my Map

    try this config? - replace " Template " with your "Mytag"/ Folder structure .. and " Replace for " mapnames, author etc. http://pastebin.com/Tr50iihw it also removes ambient life like rabbits,snakes
  2. D3F3CT3D

    Importing CUP - Core Help.

    I got that same error , but its only for buldozer and to me that is not a problem , i got all objects ingame with cup-core and the custom terrain checked. edit ; i see your getting different erros then i mentioned , class errors... are you using the latest cup - core ? it works fine and maybe your config.cpp is the culprit.. you shouldnt have to change any classe's
  3. D3F3CT3D

    Importing CUP - Core Help.

    Actually im using CUP - Core - Thanks to BludClot & Cring0 , all you have to do is place the files in P>CA>"Structures" and it comes with textures. Much better.
  4. D3F3CT3D

    Importing CUP - Core Help.

    Fixed it , folder structure is wrong , its P/ CA > structures_e Now to fix Missing textures... Folder structure > P:\structures_e\ca\structures_e
  5. D3F3CT3D

    Importing CUP - Core Help.

    So I want to use the Takistan buildings and im currently downloading these two . _* Will i still need arma 2 files? 2.4.1 ALDP_A2OA_PBOs_APL_part1.zip 2.4.2 ALDP_A2OA_PBOs_APL_part2.zip I would then just move these file to P drive and have a run with buldozer change the required addons inside config.cpp to something? like i said any information would be great.
  6. D3F3CT3D

    Importing CUP - Core Help.

    Oh , Do you have a link detailing the process? or explain how it is setup inside the folder like CA> right? not sure to importing objects but I can download arma2 from steam etc.
  7. Dont know anything about setting up custom objects , As in objects from Arma2 , CUP to use on any Custom terrain. Any help is Appreciated! I also think I can use Objects from Tanoa like Vegetation , Do i have to download the Custom Dev build as I didnt buy Apex yet.
  8. Cant find any good tutorial, The wikia link "Tutorial" Is nothing near a tutorial...? There is also no import terrain data as in Xyz or Asc options , Not sure how this program works if somone can explain it and how to import terrain with polygon shapes for filling clusters - is appreciated tyvm, - what is the max terrain size i can build using l3dt ?
  9. If you zoomed into your Map to say a Road and you click the buldozer Play track .. You might get This right? Heres how to fix > zoom out to here , sometimes closer should run now with freeze Just to add , It prefers zooming out with importing satellite terrain aswell , I was zoomed all the way in and was timer 3:00 mins + and freezing.. if zoom out , 20480 x 20480 BMP took 1 min + ( Maybe not sure if this is correct )
  10. Step 1. Install chrome or Firefox. Step 2. Addon Chrome > https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/stylish/fjnbnpbmkenffdnngjfgmeleoegfcffe?hl=en Addon Mozilla > https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/stylish/ Step 3. Install from UserStyles.org > 2 Current Themes > https://userstyles.org/styles/browse/bistudio RESULT: Enjoy!
  11. is it possible to remove such things.
  12. D3F3CT3D

    No clutter or Names

    How do you remove all animals and wildlife ?
  13. Not sure how to go about this process, I seen some others have really nice detail roads from satellite picture so roads dont dissapear.. im working on my bottom left tile 20480x20480... and having generated layers for test at 4096x4096 im seeing bad results as in correct road path is difficult to get aligned in photoshop to terrain builder.... pics below...
  14. D3F3CT3D

    How do i setup custom objects?

    Do i need cup regardless of how i get the arma 2 models?
  15. D3F3CT3D

    How do i setup custom objects?

    I have arma 2 , I still need cup? :/
  16. D3F3CT3D

    Mass 3D Editor?

    That would be one amazing invention
  17. Go to Arma3 Tools fodler : Delete TEMP Folder Always, ( sometimes your source folder will be in temp after crunching it wth mikerosPacker so remember that ) Delete Your LAYERS folder inside your Project Folder Always before generating new one. And delete Logs, Ctrl+L on the arma3 tools program to find it < should be in arma3 tools folder < This is a good program for satellite images sometimes up to 20x zoom with bing maps satellite > hit the get static button < Left alt to select Region. https://greatmaps.codeplex.com/
  18. Tried everything to help somone out with their buldozer from my experience as mine is working but theirs is not loading textures/roads/sat -- anything? loaded genereated textures like 5 times , triple checked about every single file , Before the error was cannot load " P_00_00.paa (I think ) and then after some investigating / it changed to P_ something _. rvmat which is progress? ... well .... , nothing is working ... any ideas why this might be happening?
  19. Yeah it can zoom in good , the zoom has qualtiy , it was a pattern overlay seamless... [ Yeah the texture was a little larger then it was noticable ] everythings coming along great for my arctic map >:)
  20. satellite image look to big in buldozer / ingame it looks way over stretched and blotchy when packed.. any tips for getting a clean texture on 40x40km terrain , with 4 tiles 20480x20480 -------- shouldnt the satellite be identical to the one in photoshop ? im doing 4 tiles to get the full terrain covered and im seeing stretching / brown color some how and other less quality features..... ingame :
  21. When you resized your image to 40960x40960, - Not sure what that means , Im using 4 tiles 20480x20480 to make 40960x40960. I have each tile 20480x20480 at a nice resolution on the second picture above , tiled for terrain builder. - Anyway im processing the 1 m Per Pixel now and ill post an image of it
  22. adding 3 points on the corner does work tyvm
  23. Match it to Roadslib width ?