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  1. Its the little things that count.. and this mod makes all the difference.. Well done
  2. honey hole white

    Army of the Czech Republic A3 - ACR_A3

    Awesome mod.. One small issue is a a missing texture through the sight.
  3. honey hole white

    British Armed Forces All In One Mod

    If your like me quite newb.. I found one thing you can do is set up a really simple clash of blu v red into the editor and make it zeus compatible. You can then play with all your new toys(and try to learn a little more each time) - oops EDIT sorry wrong quote
  4. honey hole white

    Volumetric clouds changing shape?

    Glad to read this .. I thought it was just me
  5. honey hole white

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    TBH I have Never seen an fps drop on this map on MP or SP (And we use it mostly with RHS) .. As always with Arma best bet is to check it clean first and reintroduce mods one by one
  6. honey hole white

    British Ridgback PPV

    Just had to drop in and say superb work on this Cleggy.. Hardly a game breaker but one odd thing on my version.. Is there a reason the alt view wont swing all the way around to the front or is it just me?