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  1. The only mods I have that are not required by the scenario are: Blastcore Murr Edition, JSRS Soundmod and Enhanced Movement. I'll try to see if without them it works fine. Yeah for me the guy was just standing inside a house and would not move no matter how much I tried to push him/shoot him etc. would be nice if there was a script to recognize this and maybe make him teleport a few meters away, I agree. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply. Oh, and any idea if I could add custom music to the end of missions? EDIT: I just tested it without the extra mods and the music at the end of missions is still bugged.
  2. Hey man, I really really love this scenario and I have been playing it since Arma 2, one of my favorite ways to play arma 3 now. Awesome work! I have encountered a bug though where on the arrest missions once you arrest the target he joins your group but doesn't move or do anything really, he just stands there making it impossible to finish the mission. Any fix planned for this or any workarounds I could try? Oh and one more thing, there seems to be an issue with the music at the end of missions when the score is calculated, it just plays 2 seconds of each songs and skips to the other endlessly. Regarding this but not really, any way to add custom music to the end of missions?
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    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Hey dude, do you have any plans to update the coop scenario to the latest version? Also, some new maps for coop would be cool. This mission is my favorite. I really really like this mission.
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    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Hey dude, this mission is amazing. And espacially so in COOP. Spent all of Friday on this mission, and it was amazing. Any ETA on a latest version for the COOP? Also, what's the ETA on other map port? Truly one of the greatest missions in ArmA/OFP history. Thanks you!