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  1. lol how about the Turks getting sick of Russians planes coming into their airspace? Or maybe they are just sick of Russian planes bombing moderate rebels

    It's not like Tu-95 were flying above Ankara with their bomb bay open...




    Take a look at the area in Google maps, that strip of land is roughly 3 Km wide.

    If the aircraft flight path in the 1st map is true, it looks like the Su-24 was shot down when it was  no longer above Turkey.

  2. I think it already does. In the Tanoa dev diary they clearly said :

    "(...)It was really important to us to recognise that Tanoa must support a whole variety of gameplay types. From authentic military to more civilian or casual modes and everything inbetween."


    And that's exactly what they should do. The time where ArmA was only attractive to diehard milsim fans is gone.

    After what happened with the DayZ mod, it would be sheer stupidity from them to ignore the current trend.

    And if anything, it's a testimony of the VR engine versatility.


    When you look at what the DayZ mod has brought them, for free, and how the DayZ SA somehow backfired on them,

    it would make a lot sense if they decided to drop any idea of Stand Alone-this,Stand Alone-that and instead were focusing on making the ArmA engine more "open".


    I have a limited understanding of game development but I don't think it makes much sense for BIS to have several teams working in parallel on "twins" version of their engine.

    One team might come up with a new AI logic or pathfinding code, which might be usefull to the other team, but then they have to spend a fair amount of time explaining it that other team, which then have to figure out how to implement it in "their" engine.

  3. It's not about popularity as much as how how the A3L community or particular a few developers handled the mod and relations.   At first they were charging people to access their mod which was a big no no to the point it got BI involved, after that surfaced a TON of stolen content including mods/Addons from Arma (which they resigned with their own keys no less), vehicles from other games. 

    They bribed people into paying them money to take a freeware model and turn it into a functioning addon in Arma. http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t247/eggbeast/vecdonor_zpseae219d4.png

    the mod lead Caiden, soured relations to say the least.    And at one point the developers stated that if its on the internet then its pretty much free to use so screw your rights essentially...needless to say this did not sit well with a lot of folks.

    It's a long history but here is a summary.



    I'm well aware of that but the RPS article is about Altis Life, not A3L !

    So, simply because A3L was  total mess, we should ban life mods all together ?


    I admit I've never played Altis life -yet- but I have fond memories of city life in ArmA 1 and I don't understand all the hate towards these mods.


    Wether this community likes it or not, it's the DayZ mod that put ArmA on the map, not ACE or any "milsim" mod. That's a fact.

    So we should welcome popular mods, no matter how remote they are from the original experience.

  4. it was in first days of July , they broke windows in Polish trucks and destroyed meat which was on trucks, 

    police not reacted, 

    in Poland in such situation police would open fire

    I was finally able to find something. The fact is they were not targetting polish and even eastern europeans trucks but every trucks with foreign food.

    And according to this article, everything went peacefully, no mention of any broken windows.



    (...) they've found asparagus from Peru, Pepper from california, lamb from Ireland, Potatoes and mushroom from Poland, tomatoes  from Spain and Portugal, bread from Italy, (...) and throw everything on the road


    Another article from a french national TV website


    they were targetting trucks carrying meat, dairy products and milk from foreign countries (...)  Polish poultry, German meat and Belgian dairies ended up on the road


    So much for the whole world against Poland...




    as I said: a complete mess.

    Oh, the worst is yet to come. That US-EU trade agreement is going to hurt them even more.

  5. -I'm posting this here, it's a response to what was said previously in the European migrants crisis thread-


    Fact is, I can't find anything related to any ban on eastern european products.


    The french farmers did, indeed, raid 3 foreign trucks in 2011...but those were spanish trucks (Euronews)

    And they seem pissed about "unfair competition" from any foreign country, not just eastern europeans (NY times)

  6. Last night I've watched Zeigeist : moving forward on Netflix.

    I guess you'll find it more or less interesting depending where you are coming from.

    I've been concerned about these subject since I'm 15, so in my case, they were preaching a converted.


    Cowspiracy, also on Netflix, might be interesting aswell, again depending where you coming from.

    In my opinion it's a remarkable demonstration of how our food industry at large is just unsustainable


    For the french speaking, I'd recommend le temps des grâces, le monde selon monsanto and les moissons du futur.

    3 documentaries about the agricultural industry, the problems we are facing right now and those we'll have to face in the future if we continue with the current model.

    I've also read various articles/interviews/books from Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Albert Jacquard, Nicolas Hulo or Pierre Rabi to name a few. All in french unfortunately.


    Every year we hear about the Earth overshoot day - when humanity’s annual demand for the goods and services that our land and seas can provide exceeds what Earth’s ecosystems can renew in a year.

    And every year we're told that if everyone was living like an american we would need 7 or 8 planets, like a european we would need 4 or 5 planets, etc

    What is implied but almost never clearly said is that it's only possible because around 80% of humanity is denied that way of life. We're doing our best to keep their heads underwater and ultimately that's what allows us to live way beyond our means.


    I don't understand how so many people still have faith in this system, like if it was the be-all end-all of human social organisation.

    We can look at past societies and every single one them that had even a tenth of the inequalities we currently have, simply collapsed.

    Whenever these societies were based on inequality, allowing a tiny percentage of their population to have all the power and the wealth, they disappeared !

    That's what History shows us, and there's no reason it would be any different with our current system.

    To the contrary, we still have a few examples of very equalitarian societies, you know, those we call savages.

    They are living with the same social organisation for 10 maybe 15 thousands years ! They saw the rise and the fall of all these societies we praise for the wonders they built (with slaves, but shhhh)


    It is estimated that we waste around 1.3 billions tons of food every year while 850 millions people go hungry every day.

    For the first time in human history, famine and people dying of hunger aren't because of a lack of food but because of a lack of access to food.

    We can feed every one on this planet, we can provide a house/flat and a decent way of life to everyone.

    What prevent us from doing so isn't a lack of technology or lack of knowledge, it's the current system we live in.


    Most people are waiting for some kind of scientific breakthrough or technological revolution that will allow them to keep the exact same way of life but in a sustainable manner.

    This is never going to happen. Our way of life is profoundly inadapted to this planet and no amount of technology will change that.

    What we need is a "philosophical" revolution. And again, History shows us that this kind of revolution never occured peacefully, before a crisis.

    We always need to hit the wall, and hit it hard, before taking the time to consider what got us into that mess.