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  1. Hmm. and I came here looking for answers. I have a new Win 7 64-bit gaming rig and just installed ARMA 2, OA and Dayz EPOCH because some friends talked me into it. I'm having this same "random" disconnect issue. I am not at all against blaming my ISP or the modem they supplied, but I can't do anything about that. But I must respond - "Unusually great amount of traffic" - If by that if you mean that ARMA is a horrible MMOFPS then I agree with you. I can't believe that people actually pay money for this "game". If you want a lesson on a properly coded and optimized MMO game I suggest that you take a look at Planetside 2 which has massive simultaneous battles with hundreds of players in the same battle at the same time. The ARMA engine is crap. I play PS2 without any problems on the same rig, modem and ISP as I am with ARMA. Let me know when you have a "fix" (I won't be waiting).