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  1. On 23.03.2018 at 2:24 PM, b00ce said:

    ClimaX is/was on a (Temporary?) hiatus from making the ACUs in favor of focusing on his Westwall WW2 mod contributions, but that's not in development anymore. That's where the situation is at now, beyond that I couldn't say because I would rather not step on toes by making baseless claims. So hopefully possibly, but maybe not.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                           :don13: and now he makes African Americans :don13:

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  2. 4 hours ago, wendyvonbraun said:

    In my honest opinion, I think that you should expand the usage of clima_x's ACU's. I was thinking it could be cool if there were a few uniforms that an eastern European militia would wear... ACU cut uniform with EMR camo, maybe that Chinese type 07 camo (extremely common to find this with Shia militia in Iraq).

    Her dudes, What have I done wrong in your life? :D Don't need to touch the ACU and make strange camouflage,  Please!

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  3. 2 hours ago, wendyvonbraun said:

     only problem I can see are just some small weighting tweaks 





          in my opinion the weighing is perfect, Fuxna did an excellent job

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  4. 7 hours ago, Bitesrad said:

    After having played with the new uniforms for a while now, I have to say these are probably the best uniforms available in Arma 3 right now. The details are incredible, but the thing that really makes me happy is how the texture detail is preserved after running out of VRAM and Arma forcibly downgrades your settings (Im guessing). Most of the custom arma content suffers with settings other than 'very high texture quality', but similar to the vanilla content, these uniforms retain their detail. Awesome work once again Clima_x (or Dima :p)

    Haha, apparently you  have the not weakest PC  :smile_o:


    2 hours ago, Laqueesha said:


    They even work with the insignia system so the patches display correctly on the left shoulder pocket.

    it is completely merit da12thMonkey thanks him )

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  5. Trust me.

    3 hours ago, REFORGER88 said:

     and thus OCP, require a major reworking of the current uniform? 

     If you want to do the model correctly this means a complete reworking of the sleeves, creating a new folding architecture, adding new elements, applying new alpha textures, building a new mesh, optimizing the model for baking, creating  UV, the baking process itself, etc. 
    And many many small nuances

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    6 hours ago, wendyvonbraun said:

    I didn't realize you were a chef :^) Looks... nearly complete... Muhaha... May the obnoxious task of weighing commence.... btw clima_x, have you thought about opening up a Patreon account?

    YES) s-l225.jpg

    mmmm Patreon , -  Donations and  subscriptions, i
    t sounds tempting 

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