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  1. On 11/28/2020 at 5:56 AM, zagor64bz said:

    That would be awesome! Sorry for my ignorance on the matter...but making it sinkable...even partially, would that be much more complicated?

    Great mod indeed, mate!

    No ignorance, I agree with you. I have have a script that can sink most all static Arma 3 ships.  I have sunk USS Liberty, Nimitz, My Own and the CUP WASP. They all have their parts that can be changed slowly over time to be lower in the ocean. It looks weird. Also, Detecting the types of missiles.... if they are anti-ship munitions, damage calculations on a large scale ship is hard. We also need better anti-ship missile scripting with arma... or I am ignorant of some anti-ship missile tech and how o implement.


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  2. On 1/31/2020 at 4:13 AM, Selvo Domenico said:

    Thank you for this awesome mod! My Clan had a Mission featuring this Ship Last Night and we were all stunned. Again , thank you for this Mod. 



    Flattery will get you everywhere in life. Did it work well for all? The most I played with is 5. Workable for them. I have a version with floor markings and interior I may need to post the mission file or on steam now that templates are at hand. I don't have it done yet. I am the slowest Arma mod dev. There is still an arostat I am working on.



  3. On 7/5/2020 at 6:10 AM, YanYatCheng said:

    there's a few important parts missing:


    -Main mast

    -engine control room

    also, most merchant ships have 1 engine only, rooms are also too small.

    there also shouldn't be any access under main deck to the bulk carrier's cargo hold.

    and yes, that guy was right, textures are bad. you can see through walls and doors.

    The room above the engine room can be made into a control room/mechanics room. I have done that in some of my mission. Hence the room sizes.  Access under the main deck is for player to player CQB fun mostly, not complete accuracy.  They are are to cover the movements of people on ships, in real life with containers and decks with cover over them, the lower deck is to replicate that, in an Arma/Ship Variations, friendly style.

  4. On 7/5/2020 at 8:30 AM, HitmanTwoActual said:


    Actually, most modern-built ships are diesel-electric type propulsion which means the engine room will typically have four main diesel generators, a multitude of transformers and breakers panels, and two propulsion motors connected to the shafts. While the now-aging slow speed diesels were a single-engine, they are becoming less attractive and not as likely to build due to the new 2020 maritime emission law. 


    @ArmaFiend If you want any photos or help designing the ships let me know. I've spent a little too much of my time on them.

    I tried to capture the diesel-electric "spirit" with the engines not running to the props but to a generator unit. I put in 2 engines looking at the size of what I had and wanting the engine to span 2 levels(with the cat walk). This was to have an interesting fighting space for CQB that was engine room "like" and not restrictive with Arma. I am working on a ship 2 so consider this me letting you know. The ship will be about half this size to get better detail. If you have photos of just a generic section on metal paint that would help. From my research "rust kills ships" and "paint everything" means there are multiple layers of the "same" paint. That would give me an idea of a texture I am looking for on parts of the ship.


  5. On 2/12/2020 at 10:18 AM, PTV-Jobo said:

    Pay no mind to his whining, man. This is the same guy that walked into the USP Gear & Uniforms thread angry they aren't making things quick enough for him and told them to just buy everything so he can have his update quicker. He's not worth it. He's all complaints and nothing more. Typical bottom of the barrel forum troll. 😉


    Haha, I know!  I find it funny because when I started this project I thought "Its a ship, just one ship that doesn't have to/can't move.  What a great idea" I had never scripted, written a config, or built anything of significance before I started it. No mods even close.

    3 years later, here I am. I have people saying it has bad textures, your right!  I can make better textures now, but this is not just an HD texture of a helmet, it's a giant ship with more texture space to fill than 1 person to make perfect.  I taught myself while building this so... it's all F'd up. UVs have been done so many times I can't keep my head strait. The model is organized in the least efficient and concluded way, even to me.  It's basicly scratches of a mad man who just wanted a ship to shoot pirates on/from. It does have things that no other cargo ship has in Arma, for good reason, it was a bich.  example: Getting hatches over ladders to work took weeks of messing with things,

    because ladders will let you climb through things.  Thankfully I found the Ace assault ladder and got ahold of how it worked for my answer, the answer was animate the top ladder memory point with the hatch so you cant climb high enough.


    TLDR - Right!

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  6. Can't the crew just be really good at cleaning and repainting?


    I do need to learn painting in blender, but the hull structure UV's are messed up and needcleaned. I should split UVs to more images to get better resolution in painting for rvmat. The textures are just open source tilable and the modeling is very simple yet complex some how.

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  7. The hot fix has been out. Engine parts and tanks are now spawnable objects and do not spawn with the ship anymore. Ladder scripts have been updated to work better on dedicated server. I have been working on a PVP dedicated server mission to ensure everything works server-side with the mod.

  8. On 5/17/2019 at 9:43 AM, lumnuon said:

    awesome work 👍 


    A small bug I noticed: the engines and the railings on the outer stairwell of the bridge are lacking collision. Could someone double check and try to reproduce?


    The see-through doors issue is also something I can still reproduce (although not all dorrs seem to be affected strangely enough).

    Hot fix is on its way today for the engines and railings. I will look through the doors again. The doors are in 3 different models because of number of animations restriction, top, middle, and bottom. I am guessing one had a mapping slip up. What level of the tower were the see through doors?

  9. Did some one say update time?

    No, no one....

    Okay then, I'm saying UPDATE TIME!


    Release 1.1
    See through Doors fixed - Unable to Reproduce but new textures were created and mapping updated
    Actions for doors and windows set to allow AI control
    Color of all models darkened - Changed ambient[]= from 1.0 to 0.8
    Ship Spawning Delay fixed - Mod was Binarized
    Class names updated to follow community standard. THIS WILL BREAK ALL MISSIONS WITH SHIP! Will not change again.
    Cargo version model updated with hull memory points for conex spawning and some normals fixed

    More detailed engine model added
    Signature added - for all you server people
    Conex container spawner in attributes added. Only first layer will open. Suggested all items you place inside a conex have simulation disabled



    On 3/22/2019 at 8:35 PM, Eogos said:

    Setting up a mission for my group to clear pirates from a hijacked cargo ship and it had to be done. Yes, those are the individual long containers from vanilla Arma 3. Yes, this did take a bit of time to do.
    Technically only one of those 5 "blocks" of containers is hand placed and the rest copy pasta but then I went back and made them random colors (plus one IDAP) cause it felt wrong having them all the same, so I still consider it hand placed.
    Now to do the below deck cargo hold and furnish the cabins and bridge.
    Side note for @ArmaFiend it looks like the engines are poking through the deck above them, might wanna fix that asap.

    I was unable to fix the engines coming up through the deck in 3den. for some reason they hate me. The model has been updated and they will not poke through the deck when not in 3den. If you move the sip around the engines will move up and down for some reason.

    I am excited to see your layout! I have one of my own I may post here shortly.  I am sorry I didn't have the Conex box spawning in the first release. It took some time and was just an Idea. I will also be making some Conex interior layouts let me know if you have any. It would help to have a lot, both legitamate and contraband cargo.


    On 3/22/2019 at 3:12 PM, lilwillie said:

    Impressive, look forward to implementing this onto our server for some missions!

    The mod should be ready for a server now. The fixes should make it much more stable so I have signed the MOD. Enjoy your multi-playing!


    On 3/22/2019 at 10:47 AM, stburr91 said:

    The biggest thing, and the top priority (in my opinion) is to fix the issue with the transparent doors (it's immersion breaking).  DONE!- I hope

    A suggestion, would it be possible to add the boarding ladder to the player's inventory? It would be nice if a diver could deploy the ladder . - You should be able to with a back pack the ladder is about as large as a missile in inventory. Haveing

    Lastly, and a pretty low priority suggestion, would it be possible to lower the railings/walls of the wings off the bridge, so you can more easily shoot down from those positions?  The wings are a great place to fend off approaching pirates,  if the walls were lower, it would be much easier to shoot over them. - I will work on that

    Have you considered using the hold action function to get onto the ladder, and chain instead of the add action?  Applying the hold action may make it easier to get onto the ladder, and chain because you can set the distance from the ladder/chain that you get the option to climb it.. Anyway, that was just a thought I had to possibly improve those features. - The addaction for ladders is not customizable but, this is something I could look at trying some scripting  work around.


    On 3/21/2019 at 12:08 PM, ArturBog3 said:

    Your mod has been waiting for a long time, it is very good at this stage.

    On the ship there is a problem with the doors, they are transparent. All internal doors, even in cabins with windows, I think this does not happen in reality. - I have never been on a cargo ship they could all be slightly see through, but I doubt it too. This "should be" fixed now. I was unable to replicate the problem but all textures and mapping were redone without see though alpha and windows were moved to a separate texture.









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  10. Copied from steam comments:

    Hi Friends,
    Yup, no .bisign files. for explanation please see first line of the MOD's Description on steam "Work in Progress Release"
    If you have wanted this on your server you should look back at the issues found by commentators here. This iteration is NOT a full and finished mod... yet.  To say that I figured out all parts before release is over estimating a self taught, first mod release, and still learning creator.  IE: see through doors.
    That said -
    I have started to go though all issues you have noted here. I am working on the next iteration. Most issues I hope to have fixed, though not textures. I currently use opensource free tillable textures, because, well, they are free! and easy! Someday they may change.

    TeTeTe3 has gave great feed back, Thanks! I know I have talked to you on the BI forums years ago though I have used your knowledge to add to mine. GO NIMITZ!

    HaroldTheNorse has informed me on unwritten rules for funzies and done great job at testing. You can half blame him for changes to object classes coming. (THESE WILL BREAK MISSIONS)
         You can blame the other half on me for innocent ignorance and perhaps not nailing down how much this first release was a "WORK IN PROGRESS RELEASE" edition.

    The next release will be less of work in progress and more of a first release of a mod. Cleaned up, proper object naming, and conex box eden spawning with memory points.  I am working on the next release and will have more info as it comes together.

    P.S. Reminder- I released this because I was tired of being the only one testing it out. I said F-it lets see what people think before I do more work, and not just to keep this for myself. Thank-you all for your help and feedback. I have more of you than the above 2 users on my issues log and will respond to you more as I go.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Maff said:

    Well done, ArmaFiend. Well bloody done!


    The curtains are a brilliant touch. I think curtains would be an amazing addition to buildings.
    On the subject of buildings... Does the the ship have building positions defined?



    You have all made my weekend!


    Nope, no building positions... kind of.. yet.

    My understanding is that building positions come from the path LOD. The path LOD gives AI direction when inside a structure. I have a path LOD on the first level of the Tower but no building positions defined.

    This is something I would like to implement but for those positions and AI but have found that AI walk through the walls and act unexpectedly. This is not only with my ship, but add a building over water and add AI, they will act the same. This has happened in the bits of testing I have done with it. Half of AI walked through walls and into the water and the other half bunched up on one path axis. It worked better with a pier underneath a building but I have been able to define what is or will happen. I will be working on that. In the mean time I have set AI on the ship and set a dostop on them to stop them from walking around. This works in you want them shooting back but they will not move. I am working on a demo mission where I have a shit ton of AI on the ship with a random presence set on them all so all CQB is random on the ship. This works for now but I will be working on other options.

    If anyone have more data on AI behavior for water objects, let me know. I have yet over the past few years to find an Arma way to get AI to fiction normally on a ship.


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  12. 29 minutes ago, bumgie said:

    Looks great! The biggest issue appears to be the textures that make eyes hurt. They are very bright and even. Maybe work on that next?

    I have noticed that as a large issue, but need to learn more about texturing to fix.  This does look better with cloud cover. I am unsure what I am missing to get the rvmat to be "less bright". Its not shinny at all just seems to washout in the sun.

    The ship is more functional than pretty.

    Texture maybe something I work on sloooooowwwwly as I add better assets, and learn. Just look at the shitty textures on the engines and control consoles. What kind of eye sight created those things... me... I did🤡

  13. AF Large Civilian Ship

    (Cargo Container, Bulk Cargo, Oil, Liquid Gas)


    Release 1.1

    Hi Everyone! I am putting out the first release of my first MOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hear for your first project you should pick something huge that takes tons of time.

    I hope to still work on this, but after years of on and off working on this ship, and being currently unemployed, I am able to release a working ship.

    Please let me know what you think. What you would like to see and what issues did you find?


    I will be updating this with some layouts for the ship interior and hull storage.

    I will be updating the engine room models and the control room models, these should look like shit, they are there just to get something there.

    I will try to work on the life boat but flotation is a pain to config and test so... take that as it is.


    I am looking forward to some negative comments to help make this better, I will also take your praise and undying admiration.

    PayPal Donations

    Patreon Donations


    Short (>3 min) Ship Overview



    Picture Galore











    Someone has been ignoring the arms embargo.😮


    Release 1.1
    See through Doors fixed - Unable to Reproduce but new textures were created and mapping updated
    Actions for doors and windows set to allow AI control
    Color of all models darkened - Changed ambient[]= from 1.0 to 0.8
    Ship Spawning Delay fixed - Mod was Binarized
    Class names updated to follow community standard. THIS WILL BREAK ALL MISSIONS WITH SHIP! Will not change again.
    Cargo version model updated with hull memory points for conex spawning and some normals fixed

    More detailed engine model added
    Signature added - for all you server people
    Conex container spawner in attributes added. Only first layer will open. Suggested all items you place inside a conex have simulation disabled



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    I have sent off a PBO to my brother to do some testing and I have been fixing issues I have found. Everything is working great so far and I am happy with how things are coming along. I have the tower config done, windows, doors, and curtains are working as expected.  The Eden attributes are working great but I may need to do some type of Dialog for window and door Eden animation control. Still working on boarding ladder spawning around the ship edge.  You can climb the anchor chain if its down and go prone climb to the deck through the hole for the chain.  Tried some static AI in the tower, they shot through the walls 😩 . Check out some progress pics below!

    First ladder created(for testing)



    Upgraded Ladder!



    Inital Spawn State



    Current Eden Attributes



    Set Eden Attributes



    View of Selections




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  15. I have been implementing the windows and currtains. These will have the glass.rvmat and cloth applied.  I will test to see if AI can see through them. Currently glass is working as expected and shadders correctly. The path LOD in the tower has been tested just in the first floor and half the AI used it with the ship place in a vr envirment, the other half walk through the walls and fell.  With the amount of separate peices I think AI in the tower may be hard to do.  I may work on that after I have something to put out and you can use static AI unit while I test.

  16. 1 hour ago, Von Quest said:

    Looks good. Keep it up!


    We all know how time consuming and frustrating it can be. I've stated in the past how I think one of the biggest holes in this game is the lack of Boats and Ships. We would all love to see more (static) Ships. Its hard to role-play as a Frogman when there's no ships to board. Always excited to see more naval projects.


    Thanks!! I am looking forward to playing with this too. The hardest part is the size. I am currently at 23 objects just for the basic ship and that will go up now that I know there is an animation bone limit on objects. :sad: 

    Plus all the add on parts such as bridge computers, escape boats, assault ladders, and gally objects.

  17. A reason I created this was also to note things to the public while I worked. Example:

    The ships spawn height is at the minimum draft. So the ship will not have water visible at normal wave height.

    With giant waves or to show a higher draft due to an empty ship, you should move the ship higher. The boarding ladder with the mod will adjust to sea level height(currently implementing).

  18. 5 minutes ago, mankyle said:

    I agree with the curtains.


    In the HSSV I'm modelling I want to model curtains and animate also the selection in the Shadowvolume and View GEO LOD so the lights in the cargo area are blocked by the curtains.


    The main problem with ships is how to access the ship from the water. If it is an static class remember you can add ladders to the model.


    Theoretically you could model ladders and hide unhide them with animations os attachto ladders already existing as models in the game.


    Sadly that option is not possible in vehicles so I'm trying to find a workaround to enable a ladder in a movable object



    I had to change ladder positions with an animation. In order to get the ladders for the hull to work with a hatch the ladder end position moves with the hatch.  When the hatch is closed there is no ladder only from the top, when the hatch is open the ladder extends to where the hatch is. ACE assault ladder taught me that config and I dissected that to get my model config is what you will see.  Shadow  LOD is where I am lacking but, I get the concept and will work on that when I have a few drinks and can handle the monotony

    I will have ladders for assault and with those Ladder animations I can experimenting with variable sea level assault ladders

    The ramps have their roadway LOD extended past the view to facilitate water on boarding and variable entrance locations. I am working on multiple ship assault options.

    I am only working on this as a static object which makes ship boarding easy.



    The point of the curtains, well, they were easy to add while modeling, and something I have never seen. They may add an interesting dynamic to CQB variability. Even memorizing the floor plan of the tower, sight lines can change depending on open windows on walls and doors. You can close off room windows and hide hostages or pirates.  After the first release, I may add separate tower floor plans to get even more variability. The ship is laid out where the tower interior is a separate object that can be swapped.

    TLDR: For fun