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    EM_buildings - new buildings

    Doors, if I am not mistaken, are animations triggered by user action. This tutorial shows you how to set it up. https://youtu.be/2uk9W79CJh4
  2. Is there an ammo cart model within this pack? I have been thing about modeling one.
  3. ArmaFiend


    Check out a tutorial I created last week. https://youtu.be/gCowVgQMlv8
  4. I am not proud of myself with that answer. My Google foo failed me. I see it now on the script list
  5. What is the opposite of synchronizeobjectadd? I am looking to remove an object, which I used this command to add to a module.
  6. Quote How awesome would it be if you could do an amphibious assault with your beloved AAV-7 / BMP-2 in Arma 3 like you did in Arma 2? Well, you CAN'T because the Arma 3 engine is broken! Show your support and upvote this ticket: http://feedback.arma...ew.php?id=19911 Hopefully if enough members from the community voice their opinion we can convince BIS to give this some priority! This was fixed. I believe.
  7. I have seen many ship mods in the works. I would like to build some sea assets. Would a pathLOD help in keeping AI on deck? Static objects only.
  8. I'm ok with that, cargo ship can be stationary. I just don't want to finish and find out AI just run into the water before I even land to retake the ship. It's a lot of modeling and textureing so I am checking/testing as I model.
  9. Yeah Ares isn't an Eden mod. It's a Zeus mod. What your saying is make a Ares Eden mod tied into aries. Eden and Zeus in code are not that similar other than both use sqf.
  10. If I could go into zeus, place units, and then save to mission file, why would we need eden. You can save Zeus creations when in Ares as a spawnable script. We would need a persistent eden functionality while gameplay was in progress with live rewrites of the mission file anyone is playing off of. Doesn't seem possible
  11. Beautiful Work on the Frigate!
  12. Name: Jon Age: 27 Capabilities: Mission creation Model creation Arostat -in progress Cargo ship -in progress Scripting Nimitz Zeus AI control-from hanger to landings - in testing Rolls: Helicopter pilot Team member Real world experience: 4 year active duty 1 Iraq deployment Personality: Comedic and fun.
  13. The size limit does have a work around by splitting and attaching to proxie. Roadway LOD working on all ships I have seen but ai pathing I have yet to see. Has there been any testing done on ship paths? I will test this on the ship I am creating but I am in modeling phase.
  14. ArmaFiend

    (WIP) Aerostat

    That's exactly why I am making this. For the enlisted seeing an arostat Is part of FOB security and situational awareness. When our FOB arostat was down you take note. When it's up its like a happy friend in the sky.
  15. ArmaFiend

    (WIP) Aerostat

    1. Smooth and subsurface are what I have been messing with to refine but I haven't gotten a desireable effect yet. 2. I probably would have if the model was more complex(car model mirror left to right)but it was just really easy to not use while modeling. -better modeling workflow is something I am still learning/getting my style. As I have started some texturing I can see how mirror would speed up the process and I will go back and refine but I don't expect problems as a white balloon and CARC trailer will need small texture details (sticking,rivits,welds)nothing too complicated. 3. Dented?
  16. ArmaFiend

    (WIP) Aerostat

    Getting ready to start textures Pay no attention to Tris... that blimp is just to smooth B) http://i.imgur.com/nT4JgHl.png
  17. I would love more info on this too.I have been using Aries custom module function to add functions but that requires each mission be set up with the additions.
  18. ArmaFiend

    POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    I operated a Army Sentinel Radar for 4 years. We did get very fast at setup and moving with avengers.
  19. ArmaFiend

    MKY Sandstorm script

    They need goggles, gloves, baklava, and a PT belt. Mostly just rhe PT belt, it. beings safety and warmth.
  20. ArmaFiend

    ArmA 3 Custom Buildings

    Very Nice! I must say, i can't wait to blow your buildings up.
  21. Hey sinny, trythis flyatheight 0; -syntax may need checked works for me keeping helicopter on both nimitz and LHD Engine will stay on and responsive to command. Also differnt heights might work to but 0 has always worked.
  22. :o 1. are you the Arma Santa(s)? 2.Any time line of release -sorry i know 3.Can AGM work on map object radar on altis and stratis? No more questions from me after this.
  23. Idea/project 2 Altis/Statis Prewar Any thought on the map type of those trash/carts/food/wecks are in which I missed in the first pic. map -map object items +JBAD buildings -distroyed building class names = Clean and new towns and cities for all. Note: hide object needs damage dissabled also. Cars and people had no reaction. Arty made buildings with damage pop back in.
  24. Everything I read is what I could hope for. I believe a coprehensive missile pack will bring A3 modding some functionality for mod makers and users a lot. I can model a plane in blender but a fractured balisitcs and a missile pack crom other mods seem painfull. Thank-you so much all. I believe pook has some C-RAM missile targeting capabilities. Has there been any discussion on fuctionality like that? I know im going to look into it as soon as this is released although what I have read on c-ram attemps so far it doesn't seem like a small scripting matter.
  25. I was just thinking, look at these sam sights, i wish i had a lot more ways to ruin there day. Any thoughs on anti radiation missles fuctionality or compatabilitie with pook sam site. I wish for a misslebox. I have so many differnt class names and over laping functionality. Has there been any outreach to the big air mods out there. USAF mod fa-18 f-16 f-15 The big packs RHS Cup