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  1. That's annoying. I re-indexed your map for Alive. Something tells me your going to be making some changes by next release. At least I know how to index now. Thank-you for all your hard work.
  2. I create an index for Panthera which I will upload to alive forum. I really want to idex Tanoa but... Is this something your dev team has already started or planned? Or is there a hold on indexing Tanoa as we're not technically using a released map?
  3. Are units in a group spawned on the leader or there original placed location? Looking to use a dostop command on group members to have a group spread out independent of a formation.
  4. ArmaFiend

    AI Driving - Feedback topic

    This is great!
  5. Is there interest in something like this? https://youtu.be/a3zhoFNNSOc I built a frame work which "works" as zeus. It has turned complicated sense I last touched the code and a dialog interface is a work in progress. Also moving planes along a curve through script has eluded me.
  6. ArmaFiend

    Working Subs...?

    Here is your idea without a dedicated model. This requires the Nimitz and uses its interior. It works well be the interior isn't that convicing. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25517
  7. ArmaFiend

    Tanoa discussion (Dev-Branch)

    I Dev is great because we get to see the work they put in. One of these skins, which someone beautifully created is about to have its last breath. Thank-you unknown artist, for your time. This is one beautiful map. I saw some garbage by the road on my way into the airport but there was some nice hedges covering the unsightliness. I may have to bring my family here.
  8. I have been working on this all week. I have ports forwarded, firewalls off :/ and I have been over every step at least 20 times. Does anyone see anything I don't? For your concideration http://pastebin.com/PcaaHdpi I See Arma Launch,Load mods... and finish its setup. Reflected in the rpt above. Then a flash of a CMD window in the upper left of my screen(server screen maybe?) but its not open long enough to see anything.
  9. ArmaFiend

    (WIP) Aerostat

    We'll 1. UV's are tricky 2. Modeling to many things is for some reason fun I figure out my UV bake issue so I am now able to bake high to low poly. So my way to many poly wheels went from 30,000 to 200 :D. I'm still knocking down some polys and baking :/ but I have a good process now. P.s. if blender is telling you there are no object or image to bake to check if you did something dumb like add multiple uv maps under.
  10. Step 1: buy developer beer Step 2: ask for updates Step 2 maybe ignored without step 1 as developer will have to go get beer themselves which is more fun then reconfiguring, packing, testing, failing, re-configuring, repack, testing, reseaching, go get another beer,re-configure, repack, test, distribute and then get more things to fix. _Pay=0;
  11. BIS_fnc_unitplay, works great till a dedicated server is involved.
  12. ArmaFiend

    Primitive Recording System

    BIS unit play works with on each frame so it doesn't work in mp.
  13. ArmaFiend

    [WIP] Static animations pack

    If there are any drill and ceremony animations in this pack I would use them in multiplayer. Example: Marine standing at attention at my embassy. I have been under the impression that if everyone has the animations they can be used with a set animation script? I haven't tested that.
  14. MP causes issues too. Scripting recorded heli insertions, so that always work, is my MP dream. I don't believe this is on BI list.
  15. ArmaFiend

    Stand at attention

    Or I can buy a Kinect, teach myself mocap software, import to blender, teach myself arma animations config, distribute. That's a lot just so my embassy marine is at attention. Is this an intrest in the community?
  16. Has anyone seen any animation for standing at the position of attention. I am looking for a mission and can't find anything on google or in the animation browser.
  17. ArmaFiend

    Stand at attention

    Yes, but not in a good way . I see nothing and no drill animations other than "at ease". If anyone knows of a mod/other source let me know. I checked the unused animation mod already.
  18. ArmaFiend

    (WIP) Aerostat

    I have been busy but have not abandoned. There are way to many polys and no dirt texture painting yet but everything is modeled. Texture painting is next. Then lower poly count and wrap, LOD's, Oxygen, config, importing/converting files, scripting, testing......... Other projects slow me too. Nimitz Zeus Scripts and a Cargo Box Ship.
  19. Do what your rank can handle. For hcpookie that's a lot.
  20. So to use source from this you must give all credit for work and keep all work open? Your work will be integrated if the community has seen its use, which will get it wider distribution in a pack. All credit will be given, which is the only real "value" in mod making as it's not a pay economy. For what reasons would this not be good? It seems to be a frame work to expand cooperation. It does seem to be constraining as you loose your own complete control, but ,as an example, having rules constraining yourself works in parliamentary procedure. Do the ends justify the means in this case? I vote yes.
  21. ArmaFiend

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Please read above. The developer of this mod IS NO LONGER WORKING ON THIS, he's got other shit he wants to put in game for us and other people have taken this over.
  22. ArmaFiend

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    step 1: have CUP. step 2: look in pier objects
  23. ArmaFiend

    Eden Composition spawning live

    Perhaps a tie in module with strategic map missions would be cool too. I did get a response on r/arma, the current project scope is implementation and steam workshop integration. I have faith we will see more functionality after these 2 basic requirements are met and completed with testing. Arma developers are the shit.
  24. ArmaFiend

    [Feedback] Create Compositions

    I believe the question is, is there a way, currently or planned, to spawn a .sqe composition in a live mission. For example: a trigger, which when activated, runs a "spawn sqe composition " function or script. I believe this is useful for mission design as we can create a composition in mission dynamically and expand the variability of a mission based off rules for which composition to spawn under some event or context.
  25. With the new Eden Compositions, what can be done to spawn them from script?