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    Cargo Ship Project (Static)

    The point of the curtains, well, they were easy to add while modeling, and something I have never seen. They may add an interesting dynamic to CQB variability. Even memorizing the floor plan of the tower, sight lines can change depending on open windows on walls and doors. You can close off room windows and hide hostages or pirates. After the first release, I may add separate tower floor plans to get even more variability. The ship is laid out where the tower interior is a separate object that can be swapped. TLDR: For fun
  2. Update: I have stopped trying to fix this as I am pushing through with things I can build and fix. I will need to fix this before mod release but I am getting everything else done and I will come back to this Last things tried(Learned what named properties were for a lod ) All named property added and tested different values with no fix found. ie canbeoccluded
  3. I have 8 Models all with the same basic object config. All resolution 0 and yet this one object hates life.
  4. I tried it out Change the origin to the 7th hull piece from the center of the ship. (Where the crosshairs/cursor point is) I went with because the Nimitz has each hull piece with a common origin and then spawns on a single point. The origin is now the orange point which is selected about Showing centered now in OB But getting the same effect as in previous videos
  5. I have posted another video of the model I have. I added all ship pieces in to give context. - I have a lot of things to fix and configure on the model still but this is an annoying one I work mainly in Blender and have limited knowledge with Object Builder Geo Lod View Lod Road Lod Could it be offset of the model from the Origin point? All pieces have the same Origin and the tower is working completely so I haven't tried changing that hull part Origin point.
  6. I do not, that know of. I have never worked with it before and reading up I still don't see how it could be part of the model. On a separate line of investigation, I did remember trying to 2 geo LODs to 1 object and thought that could be it. Re-exported from blender(with a geo mod I know worked before), checked it in Oxygen. The problem persists. I did the same for every part of this ship but only this one part acts this way. Will upload update video in a bit.
  7. ArmaFiend

    Military Aviation

    I have an odd issue. When loading this mod with CUP also the script command "moveincargo" is no longer working for cup helicopters. I have found a small workaround with _player action ["getInCargo", _veh]; but even with that it is unreliable and sometimes the user is not put in aircraft. Are there any ideas on why this may be or any workarounds anyone else can see?
  8. I have tried MoveInCargo for cup choppers, this will not put units in helicopters as of the last update, MoveInCargo does work for default Nato. MoveInAny works for cup... but not in a vehicle seat. Thank you for your work CUP team, Please post any fix you find as I am sure it will be useful, you brilliant MF's.
  9. Quoted from Dev forum: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/143930-general-discussion-dev-branch/page-902 This is all i have found on nearestterrainObjects. From testing I know the output [1076539: dp_transformer_f.p3d,1076539: dp_transformer_f.p3d,1076539: dp_transformer_f.p3d] is what I get from a variety of map objects. I have not be able to use this array other that in hints and copytoclipboard which is cool and nice, but not what I want. Has anybody used/tested this command now that it is live. Currently hideobject works :). If anyone's interested I created a quick ares addon custom module to clear all map objects in a predetermined area. For Zeus construction.... soon to be Nexus I believe as Nexus will run scripts within it and has addons. Its Beautiful! If I learn some dialog scripting for variable radius i'll let you, and the ares guys know. Not sure if alive works... yet, because I want to make a powergrid without these dam triggers.
  10. ArmaFiend

    POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    I would agree with you there. Some mild use of the file browser and unpacking is the least that can be done. I honestly learned to write code is due to .sqf. For some reason, this game gave me the understanding. I play Arma with my twin brother who was/is(he would say once a Marine always a Marine) an Infantry Marine other ex-mil and some other high school friends. I have been able to spin that off into basic and VB and VBA and improve my work and resume. Steam is easier but if you enjoy something guys take the time to explore it and see what you can learn you might surprise yourself and kick some ass in the mean time. But hey, Fros7bite "Yes I intend to start using steam for distribution as the big "but then they own it" debate really doesn't apply, not really. So most likely the post-Jets update will be on Steam as well as other places for people who know how to install mods." -Pook 2017
  11. ArmaFiend

    Create MP Campaign

    I have been working on a campaign. From this documentation, i thought it was a drag and drop into the server.cfg. I have not yet got to testing in MP thought so far SP is working go,eme with the normal campaign config. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg#Arma_3:_APEX_-_mission_collection
  12. ArmaFiend

    POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    Hmmmm, I have never heard of that. I don't think that's a thing. Has anyone else heard of this "Steam Workshop" thing?
  13. I cannon get any mission to work on a dedicated server if the Game Master Module is in the mission. I am able to select a roll but am kicked by to the roll selection screen before the mission loads. Works without Game Master Module. The mission works in local server, single player, and in every other instance with the game master module in. Only dedicated server doesn't work. I have read all wiki pages, searched all googles, and wonder if anyone has seen this behavior before. Thank-you
  14. But they're not locking Bobemia's content... You can go download it right now. Or you're talking about the content they added to make those work and upgraded. That's there content.
  15. Laserpoint? I believe there is a GPS_ins... Object that is placed. This object is a vehicle that is named GPS/ins target. I spawn it on a game logic to prepopulate targeting for buildings or known targets.
  16. I had one with all the US air force mod weapons for personal use. I can take another look and submit changes. I want the ARM missiles too and the script I have adding them now isn't nice. Mod interoperability like that can turn to shit fast. For instance. USAirforce, unsung, firewill, and fa18 mods have different packs I believe and they are constantly being updated and there is even a full missile box mod in the works. That's a lot of work on updating and maintenance that doesn't seem fun. There are options though.
  17. Downloaded and Tried. I enjoy it. I was trying a addaction hell with global and local but map was hard to keep clean. The only thing I would add is a disable/enable marker group variable. The effect of which would be to set a defined local variable, to true, on client and enable that markergroup for mid mission marker info update. I.E. Did you finish that get Power Grid Plans mission variable set to true then set _mrkrGroup to show in tree. I going through your code but config functions is my weakness and I apparently there are some tv.. commands I have never used for some bad ass tree display. It is very educational but...
  18. Great work! This looks useful. Does this work local or global? I have a dedicated server mission with a much simpler marker system that I want to replace.
  19. ArmaFiend

    FHQ TaskTracker

    I am looking for some direction on how to use FHQ_fnc_ttiCreateOrUpdateTask. More specifically I am looking for to update a task type. IE: I have a task for a power station and my players have an option to destroy to hamper enemy ability to govern. If destroyed I would like to update task type to "repair" because now you have a civilian asset which will need to be repaired to gain respect. This looks to be the function I am looking for But I am not reading the params with comprehension. Thanks for any help!
  20. ArmaFiend

    POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    I was a 14J air deffence coordinator and worked A. an-mpq64/a1 radar. I have been going the spawn and linkage scripts in home of creating my own AANetwork for use in a private end type missio, for me and my buddy's. Would the creation of a script to spawn assets and linking the to the radar for fire in your opion be against the EULA. I have no intention in repackagingAA sites or distribution.
  21. Is there a way, currently or planned, to spawn a .sqe composition in a live mission? For example: a trigger, which when activated, runs a "spawn sqe composition " function or script. I believe this is useful for mission design as we can create a composition in mission dynamically and expand the variability of a mission based off rules for which composition to spawn under some event or context.
  22. ArmaFiend

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Unitcapture only records there helicopter movement. You will have to tell it by script to "land" to get gear to come out and "animate" to love the ramp. Googleing "unitplay Landing gear" will work.
  23. ArmaFiend

    [Release] TOH Cargo Ships

    A bold statement there.
  24. ArmaFiend

    [Release] TOH Cargo Ships

    This is Awesome! I cannot wait to use these ships! Question: I saw a similar port here Their issues, stated in the comments, was the TOH licence saying sample models where only for TOH. Has this issue been resolved? If so... Are these models included in the TOH sample pack? Are the ships split into chunks already?(to deal with road lod restructions) Is there an ai path lod? I have seen the idea to have a seperate model for Just the path lod so it can be bigger than the 50m chunks as ai have issues passing between path lods. I would love to help build and test.
  25. Thank-you, I will test this contsantly. :)