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  1. I have a good idea for what I want to achieve with an Arma 3 mod, but I have only just started trying to figure out how to achieve it. What I want is to alter the control scheme for ease of use and to be more familiar to FPS players. BIS's controls leave a lot of room for improvement, here's how I would do it: Interact/Use [MB3]: Context sensitive. Interacts with a world object. Will open standard style menu if multiple options exist (example: choose which vehicle seat to enter). -The goal here is to reduce the number of actions tied to this one control. Only the context sensitive ones remain. 1 [1] : If in menu, selects option 1. Else, equip primary weapon. 2 [2] : If in menu, selects option 2. Else, equip secondary weapon. 3 [3] : If in menu, selects option 3. Else, equip launcher. 4 [4] : If in menu, selects option 4. Else, change grenade 5 [5] : If in menu, selects option 5. Else, opens explosive menu (scroll to choose which to drop or to touch off bombs) -Here we have a standard FPS style weapon choice setup while retaining the ability to navigate Arma menus. Explosive options safely removed from main Arma 3 menu key. Zoom In/Menu Up [MWheelUp] : If in menu, navigates up. Else, increases zoom level if the option exists. Zoom Out/Menu Down [MWheelDown] : If in menu, navigates down. Else, decreases zoom level if the option exists. -No longer need separate control to adjust zoom levels in vehicles and scopes. Mouse wheel for this is very intuitive. Will also switch between reflex sights and scope if that type of sight is equipped. CTRL + MWheelUp or MWheelDown will adjust zeroing if applicable. Up [space] : If prone, move to crouch stance. If crouched, move to standing stance. If standing, then execute step over action. -Replicates the function of the typical FPS jump key. Does this all look possible to do? Any suggestions on what files I will need to edit for this or links to relevant tutorials would be appreciated.
  2. Evil.Iguana

    Night showcase

    This mission seemed really fun and freeform up until you fail it for not meeting some unstated objective. Reading the replies here and it seems the freeform part was merely an illusion. I don't have time for missions that can't make the fail state triggers obvious.
  3. Evil.Iguana

    Episode 3, "Game Over" mission

    Restricting saves was a terrible decision. Pomi's mod that allows saves is a godsend.
  4. Evil.Iguana

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    The biggest issue with this mission is that it throws a ton of new stuff at you and expects you to be instantly proficient in it. It's Arma's greatest sin distilled into mission form.