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  1. this is my current code, and I need to add magazines to the current weapon in all units in editor. Can you please help me on how to do this?





    waitUntil {!isNil "bis_fnc_init"};




    _civ_hats = ["H_Bandanna_camo", "H_Booniehat_oli", "H_Watchcap_blk", "H_Shemag_olive"];


    _vests = ["V_Rangemaster_belt", "V_TacVest_oli", "V_BandollierB_cbr"];


    _weapons = ["V_Rangemaster_belt", "V_TacVest_oli", "V_BandollierB_cbr"];


    _unit = _this select 0;



    removeHeadgear _this;




    // Add vest and clothing

    removeVest _this;

    _vest_item = _vests call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

    _this addVest _vest_item;


    removeUniform _this;

    _uniforms = ["U_IG_Guerilla3_2","U_IG_Guerilla3_1","U_IG_Guerilla2_3","U_IG_Guerilla2_2","U_IG_Guerilla2_1"];

    _count = count _uniforms;

    _this addUniform (_uniforms select floor random _count);






    // Random integer, if 1 instead of 0, add a random item from the array

    if(round (random 1) == 1) then



            _hat_item = _civ_hats call BIS_fnc_selectRandom;

    _this addHeadgear _hat_item;


  2. A useful set of new scripting commands was introduced.

    It would be interesting using them to improve bCombat.


    This said i'm not going to code before dust settles after Apex.

    I hope Tanoa will bring back the motivation needed to spend hundreds of hours in modding ArmA again ;)

    For now priority  to job / family duties and Assetto Corsa in spare time.

    Best sim since Grand Prix Legends.

    You're back!! We missed you so much. So glad to see you again, I really thought you're gone <3

  3. So, I've been toying with this mod a bit and I don't see it doing a lot of the options advertised such as reacting to dead bodies, reacting to gunfire with several hundred meters, surrendering units, etc. Am I suppose to change values for that and where? Sorry, fairly new at this. 

    The past arma 3 updates rendered it useless, for now only infantry movements is properly working.

  4. I love testing all the AI mods, and I think that bCombat is my favourite! What did you do ljcampos to make ASR_AI and bCombat compatible ?

    When I used bcombat ai and asr ai back then, disable some features in the userconifg like smoke, move to cover and and the fancy move of bcombat.

    Bcombat doesnt work anymore so im using vcom ai. Im now tryong to mix vcom and asr in the meantime by using the script version of vcom, ill give you news if I made it work

  5. I found the wall issue too and I've never used ACE. After a period of a few minutes the wall goes away though.

    I stopped using Vcom because I could not get to Configure in the main menu.

    I can't stop using it myself because of the AI movement and features is very good. What I did is take the medical pbo of ace to the optionals, now it works fine

  6. Anyone got a problem when an AI dies they becomes a wall? Cant pick up there items can walk through the bodies.




    Found the problem, try every mod with it and its working but with ACE mod the AI becomes a wall when they die cant get past them or through the. Cant tell what part of ace mod is making it happen.


    Edit 2*


    Found the problem causing it, It is ACE MEDICAL PBO. I don't know how it happens because i have 0 knowledge in scripting

  7. Holy crap this new update is damn great. The ai moves like they're real human who value there life. There flanking is great and the Use of buildings also.

    Though there is some old bugs like when a Ai dies its body twitches none stop, when it twitches it acts like a invisible wall you cant get its items and cant get through, this is the only bug that's is immersion breaking for me. They doesn't use the Trucks for transport when supporting anymore, maybe you removed that feature?. But all in all this mod is great, nice work and i really like it.

  8. Glad you like it road runner. Thanks for all the camos lately.

    So you do have file patching enabled?

    It will still work and use the default values. It just means you can't change the values.

    @ljcampos. They will flank. In the factory test mission they frequently circled around the fence and in the St kapulio one I taped first, we had moved into the compound with the dome and the ai started looking at the entrance we had come through... couldn't figure out why and thought it was a glitch until 3 csat guys appeared there having circled the entire compound to flank us. Even I was surprised lol

    In regards to the vehicles... I imagine not as the ai driving would likely result in them never making it to the support location lol

    Lol, maybe an AI driving mod can get it done, have you seen Vcom Driving AI that might help them in getting to a location using vehicle if ever it is implemented

  9. So i my community runs ace and zeus and so on. I asked earlier about filepatching but you are correct it ran fine when I zeused on a server that didn't have it installed and vcom ai still worked. Now I wanted to know I noticed medics don't seem to treat wounded at least not in ACE is that configurable for the finalized update or is it just a deal with it scenario. Lastly does your test version u just put up still require vcom ai driving or is it implemented.

    AI medics doesn't work when ace is enable, because there is no code in the ai to perform medicals in ace, may be genysis can add it if its possible

  10. In the videos you post, is there an instance the AI will try to flank? Is flanking part of FOA? because most of them go prone and not much movement. Even though the AI going prone to much is reduced, there still not much movement. Can that be change or modders still limited in terms of Ai?

  11. nope... related to the video I just posted... Mikey is convinced its an engine problem... Im not so sure.. but the second video is bcombat. So either it IS an engine problem or an issue with the buildings. Since the Ai seem to get stuck in a loop and twitch. Its bizarre. 


    LAxemanns DynaSound for the win ;)

    I think it's the building, because i also saw this in Asr, vcom and bcombat mostly happens in map pack. I'm not sure if I seen this problem in altis