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  1. ljcampos

    Feat of Arms

    nice good to hear the newest version run for cover when available. Guess i'll wait for the new version to be released
  2. ljcampos

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Great mod, but there is to many problems as of now my. Others have alredy said the problems, my only request is for the ai to not throw smoke as soon as they detect the enemies.
  3. ljcampos

    Feat of Arms

    Do the ai still go prone to much and to long in the testing phase? Its the only reason why im still using bcombat
  4. ljcampos

    Feat of Arms

    Ahh.. I wish bohemia would give more power to the modders, especially there ai's. I really like this mod, maybe ill try mixing foa and asr. I like the idea of foa's combined arms which arma is missing.
  5. ljcampos

    Pooter's enhanced ASR AI

    Problem with the AT soldiers here, they think they are low in ammo because of there rockets number, they then switch to handgun all the time.
  6. ljcampos

    Feat of Arms

    Ahh.. I see, the problem is when they continue being suppressed they never move in the position anymore. Maybe add some recovery time depending on the skill on the AI so they could move instead of being sitting ducks all the time even though they're accumulating casualties int that position. And also the artillery act like tanks instead of staying in the long range postion they charge the enemies like tanks
  7. ljcampos

    Feat of Arms

    Is it just me or the ai goes Prone to much, and not much movement, flanking. Im using ACE mod fyi, I dont know if it affects the AI here. Please in the next update make the AI not prone to much.
  8. ljcampos

    ASR AI 3

    Can the AI be Suppresed on this mod, or i need another Suppresion mod for this?
  9. ljcampos

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hey genesis, i dont know if this problem is mine. The ai now instantly throws smoke as soon as they see enemy without being suppresed. also a bug where the ai sometimes thrownsmoke and frag even without enemy. The vehicle disembarking doesnt work properly especially on a helicopter, intead of unloading he'll charge the enemy killing them. Also i have a suggestion on your the ai calling support, where there is a delay in calling support instead of one ai dying then all groups will come to the player. and ai will only call support when a group has a radio and on guard/patrol, and when that group is near them. The ai also doesnt clear buildings properly, maybe ask some ideas to the bcombat ai creator because his ai is really good when clearing buildings.