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    stairs bug, and airlock button bug.

    The stairs are bugged in general. You can climb until small junction in middle then the character is getting stuck and cannot continue climbing. The workaround is by jumping forward but when there are heavy stuff carried it is almost impossible to bring it up. Even in manned training mission same happens when need to assemble outpost door which is next to platform from the stairs. Also the containers and loot in cargo truck are sliding like on ice from any given angle when the truck is not in even position. Which makes tricky journey when fully loaded cargo truck is going down to steep hill forward and is getting the exit door fully blocked.
  2. T-1000

    Dedicated server

    Hello, The dedicated server would give huge boost for players playing online. As for porting to Linux, it is not so tedious task if the game is written on C/C++ or other well known programming language. They all have cross-platform compilers which allow to run code on any popular OS. The main difference between Windows and Linux programming is the graphics card API which is mainly DirectX for Windows and OpenGL for Linux. But as far for the dedicated server it does not require any graphics. So should be at least be worth to try make copy of the server code from the game and try compiling it for the external binary:) As for the hosting on Linux servers it is one of win-win situations with for the multi-threading/multi-CPU performance (the OS kernel is designed for multi-user and multi-process) and hosting prices. As an example you can take a look how Ark Survival Evolved game gone through development and post-production and how they did grow up player base. The dedicated MP servers was the key for the community. 2 years later it is still popular game and people keep playing on the dedicated servers. Cheers!
  3. Hello, After spending a day in game I noticed the gameplay could be improved by adding user space scripts for managing rovers navigation, etc if that would become as optional part of gameplay. There are basic commands already so why not to expand on this? :) So the long hours spent for just driving rover or similar thing could be exchanged with something else in background while that small rover moves 2km+ between two exploration sites using gamer made script in rovers 'console'. If anyone is familar with Ceebot(Colobot) old game - http://www.ceebot.com/ceebot/index-e.php it had that functionality and was really fun to play with. Cheers!