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    Having a serious headache to this I have the subsciber tools, have no errors during install, Rapify is found and I have read all the documentation multiple times.... "rapify -Pe "Vending\config.cpp" "P:\temp\Vending\config.bin"" 'rapify' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Every time, nothing I do changed this, I see lots of people talking about it, is there a common fix?
  2. Forgive me if this is in the wrong section, The map is based on Call of Duty's Black Ops map: Nuke Town but with my twist to keep the Arma feel 20 players but 4 will be reserved so an admin can get on the server, so will be 16 players, 8 per team. You have random spawns at the back of the gardens. You are not locked to teams after 3 minutes so ignore that. 3 Classes (soon to be 6) Medic Silenced ACP-C2 .45 (4x 9rd Mags) Katiba Camo with ACO Scope (4x 30rd Mags) Medikit Smoke Grenades Green (3) to cover up the person he is to treat Engineer ACP-C2 .45 (4x 9rd Mags) MXC 6.5 with ACO Scope (4x 30rd Mags) MineDetector Hand Grenade Sniper ACP-C2 .45 (4x 9rd Mags) GM6 Lynx 12.7 mm (Camo) with SoS Scope (4x 5rd Mags) Smoke Grenade Yellow APERS Range Mine Ghillie Suite I will be adding red and blue class differences then once the server take off ill add more classes. 30 second bleed out with suicide Name: NaughtyBullGaming.com Presents: A3 Nuke Town: Team Death Match IP: Mods Needed: None Mission File Size 3.5MB I have setup a Teamspeak 3 Server for each team as well on: Please put any feedback here and I hope you like it, its took a lot of work to make by myself with some help from a few key people :)