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    Is ARMA 3 a serious game ?

    Here is the thing Im doing a research on serious games. Serious games are games which focus on other than player entertainment. Like learning something from the games. (Simulation games can be in this type). For the research I have an experiment to do using a good serious game. Here are the problems I have encounterd with following games. COD, Battlefield : Entertainment games. Not serious games. America's army : Yes it can be a serious game. Because US military has used this for training and soldier recruitment. It is ok. VBS : Virtual Battle Space is the ideal game. Because it primarily used as a military simulation not just entertainment. But the problem is they dont issue a civilian copy of the game. ARMA 3 : This is more like VBS. But im not quite sure ARMA is an entertainment game or a serious game where you can learn out of it.. Is it a serious game ??? And is there other suggestions for me to use as a serious game in my experiment ??? PS: i havent played any of the above except for COD and Battlefield.