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  1. werzproduction

    Arma 3 will not launch

    hi i have a problem with my launcher, i want launch arma with a mod but is not working https://gyazo.com/b454e3911e82876c35131b8ad981be4b "PLEASE EXIT ARMA 3 TO MANAGE YOUR MODS" but i have reboot my arma and is not working ( i can play but not with a mod ) ( sorry for spelling mistakes i'm french )
  2. werzproduction

    Delete trigger with another trigger

    Thank you, and Is there a command for stop an animation AI ?
  3. hi i would like know how to activate a delete a trigger with another trigger. and another little question, I want to activate a trigger with a condition, and this condition will be when I finish a task, but I do not know what comand it is. (Sorry for spelling mistake i'm french)
  4. Hi i would like know how to make for a OPFOR does not kill a BLUFOR ( not all blufor but only 2 blufor ) example : opfor contain one hostage, and this hostages should not die.
  5. werzproduction

    random patrol

    but i want a random patrol in a predefined area and this video the AI patrol not in a predefined area.
  6. werzproduction

    random patrol

    Hi, i would like know how to create a group with a random patrol please. (not a random unit starting position)
  7. werzproduction

    move AI with trigger

    ahh it's working thank you
  8. werzproduction

    move AI with trigger

    it does not work for me Trigger = http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/33/1439734329-2015-08-16-00004.jpg and first waypoint = http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/33/1439733600-2015-08-16-00003.jpg http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/33/1439733714-2015-08-16-00001.jpg what' is the problem
  9. werzproduction

    move AI with trigger

    i dont understand, but there is not a command ? http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2015/33/1439733135-2015-08-16-00001.jpgis it not good ?
  10. hello i would like know, how to move AI with a trigger, exemple: there is one AI front of my vehicle and i would like this AI move when the trigger is activated. and other little question , how to make for they AI open a barrier ? or the barrier open all alone.
  11. werzproduction

    I need help

    thank you it's working,
  12. werzproduction

    I need help

    deletevehicle RedCar1 this working for vehicle but they AI inside is not disappear
  13. werzproduction

    I need help

    Thank you !! but "deletevehicle RedCar1" this is for vehicle but for AI ( not in vehicle )what is the command ?
  14. werzproduction

    I need help

    and an other little question, how to make disappear a vehicle/AI with trigger ? what is the command?
  15. werzproduction

    I need help

    Hello i need help for 2 problems; 1.) i can not seem to do airplane taking off with AI , ( sorry for spelling mistake i'm french ) 2.)And there is a command for AI stop to move ?