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  1. Medical requires Interaction, Interact_Menu, Common and Main. Drag & Carry is done by, ... well Dragging.pbo. Dragging requires the same PBOs as Medical. Details can be read here: http://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/
  2. See my answer above. The file checking is there to stay. It saves us from a ton of false bug reports. Everyone has to have the same version of every file to guarantee this mod to work. You'll all have to live with that.
  3. You have to delete the addon before updating instead of pasting over it. You have outdated files in there now.
  4. Try to reproduce it with: -mod=@CBA_A3;@ace;
  5. Your setup doesn't work, because you never execute addAction on a non-server. I can tell you that it doesn't work on local-host either. No client will have have that action. mhq_init.sqf diag_log format ["Executing mhq_init.sqf with %1", _this]; mhqList = _this select 0; if(isnil("mhqList")) exitWith {diag_log format ["ERROR: No mhq list given"]}; { _x call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\mhq\mhq_respawn_init.sqf"; }forEach mhqList; diag_log format ["Completed mhq_init.sqf with %1", _this]; mhq_respawn_init.sqf _this setVariable ["MhqDeployed", false]; _this addAction ["Deploy", {[_this select 0, _this select 2] call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "scripts\mhq\mhq_deploy_action.sqf"},nil,1.5,true,true,"","{alive _x} count crew _target == 0"]; _this addEventHandler ["Killed", { _respawnId = (_this select 0) getVariable "RespawnId"; _respawnId call BIS_fnc_removeRespawnPosition;}]; _this addEventHandler ["Respawn", {_this addAction ["Deploy", "scripts\mhq\mhq_deploy_action.sqf"];}]; There is no reason to do any remote execution commands (like MPKilled, setVariable public) when you simply remove the redundant isServer check.
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    I made this one: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9w7d1o6v4bsjsbu/BWA3_COMP_ASDG.pbo Can't be bothered to test it though. Use at your own risk. Next update will probably support CBA2 JR system.
  7. class ACE_Settings { // add exported settings here}; I think you forgot the first and the last line
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    Feedback tracker administration

    Hello, I have questions regarding an issue I posted on the feedback tracker. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=25098 My problem is that you can't deselect attachments on rocket launchers in the Virtual Arsenal. I am aware that this only applies to modded launchers, because those who already come with the game don't have any. The thread was closed and tagged as "no bug" with no comment. Does that mean that attachments on secondary weapons aren't supported by the game? I'm asking, because it would be really easy to fix this issue. Here is the relevant part of the function that handles the Virtual Arsenal: \functions_f_bootcamp\a3\functions_f_bootcamp\Inventory\fn_arsenal.sqf 1468- switch true do { 1469- case (ctrlenabled _ctrlListPrimaryWeapon): { 1470- if (_item != "") then { 1471- _center addprimaryweaponitem _item; 1472- } else { 1473- _weaponAccessories = _center weaponaccessories primaryweapon _center; 1474- if (count _weaponAccessories > 0) then {_center removeprimaryweaponitem (_weaponAccessories select _accIndex);}; 1475- }; 1476- }; 1477- case (ctrlenabled _ctrlListSecondaryWeapon): { 1478- if (_item != "") then { 1479- _center addsecondaryweaponitem _item; 1480- } else { 1481- //_weaponAccessories = _center weaponaccessories secondaryweapon _center; 1482- //if (count _weaponAccessories > 0) then {_center removesecondaryweaponitem (_weaponAccessories select _accIndex);}; 1483- }; 1484- }; 1485- case (ctrlenabled _ctrlListHandgun): { 1486- if (_item != "") then { 1487- _center addhandgunitem _item; 1488- } else { 1489- _weaponAccessories = _center weaponaccessories handgunweapon _center; 1490- if (count _weaponAccessories > 0) then {_center removehandgunitem (_weaponAccessories select _accIndex);}; 1491- }; 1492- }; 1493- }; Please look at line 1481 and line 1482. My educated guess is that these lines were commented out, because at the time the Virtual Arsenal was released there was no "removeSecondaryWeaponItem" command. This command was later added in version 1.38, so these commented out lines could be added again, which would solve my problem. wiki link to the named scripting command: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/removeSecondaryWeaponItem Thank you in advance.
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    It's fully compatible if you manually move the bwa3_comp_ace.pbo into the addons folder of @bwa3.
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    Same fix should also work on 5:4 (and 4:3 etc.), but since I don't own such a monitor I can't say for sure.
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    Please always post the full RPT. There is no way to analyse only parts of it, even if it seems to you to be the only relevant part.