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  1. My friend gets inifinite load screen whilst trying to join my server, I host it directly off Arma on internet with UNPN on. He manages to join role selected everything but when he actually tries to enter the game the loading screen is just there. He can move around and hear everything but the loading screen is still there. He can join other public servers fine without this issue. I've tried loading different maps from workshop maps to default arma maps and none of them seem to work. I've blown him up and nothing happens. Any suggestions?
  2. However you may see some validity in this topic. Alright so I'm sure many of you are aware that the optimization in Arma is, to be blunt, s**t. However I noticed something when I was monitoring the performance of the PC under different circumstances (using MSI Afterburner (GPU) and Task Manager (CPU)) and I noticed that at no time did Arma actually utilize my GPU or CPU to 100% even thought the FPS was struggling horrendously. I'm not too aware of how games really work but I would imagine that surely if your frame rate is low, the game should always try and achieve if not the highest, a good stable 60 FPS, this is not the case. Arma barely utilized my CPU (maximum probably 20%) and GPU spiked to around 60% usage but never reached 100%. I spawned about 50 Infantry units to be annihilated by a platoon of tanks, FPS dropped to a mere 5 FPS, however CPU/GPU just never reached something like 80%. Okay so I've asked regarding this about a few other games and various people have given me responses like "This game is very math orientated which mean it will use the CPU a lot, your CPU is really bad so you should change it out". To me that's actually pretty helpful but yeah could've explained a bit more. Okay so this could go either way - 1. Arma is optimized poorly for AMD/Nvidia hardware and fails to utilize them enough 2. My components are too under powered to actually run Arma at get a stable FPS 3. There's something else I should consider doing, which may be my issue I would appreciate any answer, even if you're telling me this is the wrong section and you're shutting down my thread. ------------------------------------------- I should probably put my PC specs here - Processor - AMD FX8350 8 Core Processor @4GHz Graphics Card - MSI GTX 960 2G GDDR5 RAM - 12GB Hyper Fury X HDD - Some random HDD My launch settings (via Arma launcher) - No intro No splash CPU Count = 8 Enabled Hyper Threading malloc = -malloc=system maxmem = 12033 maxvram = 2049