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  1. Hi

    There is a common problem in typing Persian/Arabic text when using it inside a graphic software that makes the letters get separated. Just like what happened in your logo graphic that you've made.

    But it is OK in you description text. It's easy to compare. You must use 3rd party softwares to make it correct as my knowledge.


    BTW, I'm from Iran. Ask me if you need to know something. I'll be happy if I can help.

    Good luck  ;)


    Thx for the information. Anyway, I'll rework the logo, I'm going change that. 


    For the terrain, I don't respect exactly the reality for two things: I'm French and my wallet isn't agree with a trip. And the gameplay constraints. But thank you for your proposition ;).

  2. Sorry if this has already been asked, but is it possible to get a Steam Workshop download of this map?


    Not possible... it's too complicated for many raisons. Sorry :/


    this is still an issue, i use pw6 to make mod collections easily available to my friends, and i really want this one in hour collection..


    I'll fix this issue asap (maybe tomorrow)


    Not sure if its intended or not, but the Terrain Size is not yet setup.

    It returns an error that prevents some scripts from running due to no way to find center of Map from the config mapsize. I had to hotfix several of my scripts in my project just to play last weekend. You may or may not already be aware of this.

    Other than that, we enjoyed the new Map. Love winter maps. Chernarus Winter is MUCH welcomed. Thanks!


    Oh, I'll check that and i'll try to fix that for the next version.

  3. 1454197348-hengam-logo-full.png

    By Arthyc




    Map size: 14,3km x 14,3km



    Hengam Island (Persianجزیره هنگام‎‎), is an Iranian island located south of Qeshm IslandIran, in the Persian Gulf. It is 36.6 km wide and shaped like a truncated cone. The island is generally calcareous and generally low-lying. The highest point on the island is Nakas Mountain. The distance between Hengam Island and Qeshm Island is about 2 km.

    The primary economic activity is fishing, as well as some tourism and sightseeing. The main sights of Hengam are the English harbor buildings along with the coal storage, the Portuguese shipwrecks, and aquatic animals such as turtlesdolphinscorals, and sharks.





    JBAD Buildings



    Release date unknown


    WIP Screenshots:


    Satellite map



    WIP map (green = done, orange = wip, red = empty)

    Ingame screenshots

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  4. So i was porting DUWS to work on this map. It works as it should, however, some times it spawns the headquarters "off of the map so to speak" It spawns in in the large area on the right side of the map where there really is no terrain what so ever, just kinda blank landscape. is there anyway you can reduce the size of the map to the portion that you have put your hard work into :) if not, i understand and will deal with it.

    Also the guys at cup said they would gladly put your terrain in their pack but you would have to agree to their license and donate your source to the project. I would love to see it as part of the pack, but again totally understand if you don't agree to their terms. Either way keep up the hard work, my clan and i are enjoying running winter Cherno missions thanks to you.


    They can included Chernarus Winter in CUP_terrains if they want, of course. 

    Some issues gives me difficulties, and i don't have time and i don't know yet how to fix them. CUP guys have better skills and they can fix this issues faster as me.

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  5. Tryed to run it on our server but the bisings do not work. Someone else got problems with this ?



    Yes me too, wrong signatur at server join



    can confirm. just set up my server and did not work. quadruple checked it :|


    I fixed this issue today


    Great map man. Sure this has been brought up but the railroad tracks are broken, you drive though them not over them. Not really an issue for me but just a heads up. Any chance this will make it's way into CUP terrains?


    That depend of the creator of the CUP_Terrains

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  6. Downloading 1.1... Thank you! So did you add missing sounds or did you remove references to them?


    I have added the file with crunchy snow sound



    I'm working on winter rail structures for winter Chernarus. Сan you add them to your addon, when structures will be ready?




    Oh, i didn't saw ! Of course, it's really good  :lol:

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  7. Really nice! 


    Not sure, what's possible/doable, but anyway here's, what IMHO would make it even more winter:


    1. Enviromental sounds: tried with date set on January, but apparently the date makes no difference - anyway I can hear small birds, even crickets and such. Could be very moody to have instead authentic winter sounds, which from my experience consist some wind-origining sounds, if there is any wind, rarely some crow cawing, but mostly stunning silence as for nature, only the creak of snow under boots. 


    It's a good idea, I'll see that


    2. Weather effect - replacing the rain with snow effect and no thunders, or at least coordination the map with the weather mods that can provide such effects. 


    Really not a priority for me


    3. Probably out of reach, but unless we're talking about really early snow, the trees and the bushes should be much  less autumn, and more leave-less. 


    I know about that and the v1.1 will fix this issues.


    4. Chimney smoke perhaps for the houses? 


    Really really not a priority ;)


    5. The foggy breath by TPW will appear on this map, when playing with TPW's?


    Maybe someday, it's depend of the author of TPW mod

  8. Afew more things i noticed, some buildings / objects that heights are wrong.

    The apartments opposite the Hospital in Cherno, are slightly under the ground.

    The tallest Industrial Building Cherno the sign on the roof, is located on the ground level, instead of on the roof.

    Think i saw another smaller sign with similar thing aswell, can't remember were :/

    Was wondering any rough ETA when you plan on a new release with the sounds included.



    Thank you for this informations  ;)



    Experienced a few crashes near the edge of the map when entering a vehicle with PIP enabled.

    Cherno Winter + AIA TP.


    Mmmh, I don't know, I'll check asap.

  9. Arthyc i have a question, what is the difference between your chernarus winter and the originals? the original you linked works with A3, so did you add more enterable buildings or something? not to be rude, im just curious as i have the other one and am interested to see if this is the definitive version lol.


    I fixed stability and artifacts issues and added a better satmap. Objects are the same as the A2 version.

  10. I see falling snow in the intro scene. Is there any way I can use the snow script(particle effect or something like that) included in the Chernarus Winter in my mission or in the editor?


    They exist simple scripts if you want falling snow. Maybe someday but for the moment I'll fix issues on this terrain and I'm working on another terrain project.


    Here you got guys I have just finished putting the finishing touches on my Zeus / MCC Template mission for Chernarus WInter:


    Tactical Chernarus Winter:



    Mission Features:

    - Check Mission Parameters to make it snow or not snow.

    - 81 player slots spread over 3 factions + Zeus for most missions.

    - Admin has option to lock to 1st person only in the mission parameters regardless of game difficulty.

    - Initial Spawns are set to random. No need to log in as Zeus for MCC players, initial spawns will be created automatically. Or you can log in as Zeus and set initial spawns the option is left to you.

    - All mods and addons allowed. You can run any additional mods you like.

    - 60 second Respawn time for infantry, 120 second respawn time for vehicles to punish death a little bit more.

    - Mission features US Army and Russian Forces from RHS Escalation and a Independent Faction from Leights OpFor or RHS Escalation depending on the mission.

    - Custom GAIA Artificial Intelligence settings to give a good challenge without being overpowered or too stupid.

    - Clean User Interface, all unnecessary icons, UI features have been disabled and streamlined for a more slick and immersive experience.

    - Full ACE 3, Task Force Arrowhead Radio and ACRE 2 compatibility

    - Roles are locked in the lobby screen, only medics can use medkit, only engineers can repair vehicles etc.

    Plus much much more.

    Required Addons:

    Chernarus Winter

    All In ArmA Terrain Pack or CUP Terrains

    RHS Escalation

    Community Based Addons

    Mission Control Center Sandbox 4


    Good work! I'll test asap. Keep an eye on this post, an updated version (v1.1) is planned really soon.

  11. 2:49:17 Cannot load sound 'chernarus_winter\sounds\run5.wss'

    The A3 Chernarus Winter is missing the sounds directory from A2  Chernarus Winter, causing it to spam client RPT.

    Would be great to get the sounds added back in, or remove references to them.

    Otherwise nice work  :)


    Yep, forgot the sound file -_- I'll fix it asap. Thanks ;)



    can't use current cup version, try to open dedicated sever but it keep require cup chernarus data though i install properly, is there another version of cup terrain?



    Try with @Cup_Terrains + @CUP_Chernarus

  12. Other than a "Woodlander2" error when running this map, it works fine with A3MP as well. Given a short test seems very nice, thanks for the work!


    Yep, it works with A3MP, AllInArmaTP and CUP_Terrains
    About the error, it's when you run the map with AllInArmaTP or with an another addons?
    Thanks for your report, I'll check that.

  13. Great release! Looks awesome. Now I can finally use those snow uniforms in KMNP!



    Does it feature crunchy snow?



    Crunchy snow is the only reason I loved Winter Thirsk back in Arma 2 OA.



    I would really love some crunchy snow for the full effect of walking on snow.

    This is really important to me.


    Normally yes, when you walking in the snow you have the crunchy snow sound effect.