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  1. mr. ripley

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    the easy way for HC implementation read post 291 or look here http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28917 or check this post https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/171050-bmr-insurgency/?p=2899976 I have Arma Server + 2 HC´s running on same rootserver, it´s fine.
  2. mr. ripley

    Arma 3 Headless Client

    Is the headless client on the same computer ? When on same, add the server ip to your server.cfg too. headlessClients[]={"", "",""}; localclient[]={"" ,"",""}; I am not shure if it´s important, but change your startparameter to -client -connect= ... CBA server key is in keys folder ?
  3. mr. ripley

    BMR Insurgency

    hi michaeldk, i have two rented root servers located in frankfurt. (think one belongs to me now, after 3 years). first is a i7-2600k and the second a i7-3700k, both with 16GB memory and running with debian 7. For windows arma server wine is installed, so i can start arma linux or windows server. Both are on a 10 Gigabit line. On the i7-2600k i have a arma server with 2 HC´s, a TS Server and some ftp´s running. Further a CS and a Minecraft Server from my son (dunno if someone is playing on it). On the i7-3700k i have only arma with 2 HC´s. The asm graphic you see in post 299 is from i7-2600k.
  4. mr. ripley

    BMR Insurgency

    340 enemies spawned. enemies are smart with 2 HClients. :)
  5. mr. ripley

    BMR Insurgency

    updated link to new BMR Insurgency HC Version. Fixed a bug in the EOS Delay function. https://mega.nz/#!9NA0mBCZ!c3MTfRFkQASkGiwTni5HqL8Qy1XzKx5UdJT3o5TowmU
  6. mr. ripley

    BMR Insurgency

    @michaeldk, PM out, post your results.
  7. mr. ripley

    BMR Insurgency

    @Jigsor Yes. The performance improved significantly. Without Headless clients and 4-5 players connected playing in 3 different towns, server drops to about ~15 fps (with about 150-180 enemys spawned). With headless client and same conditions the server remains at around ~35-45 fps and the enemies are much more responsive. The problem resulted from EOS caching being completely disabled was that after 2-3 days we had about ~400 enemys spawned. The Headless Clients controlled around ~180-200 enemys each while remaining at around 40-45 fps and the server drops down to 10-15 fps. With the original EOS caching, which started instantly after all players left the zone or died, it was unfortunate because the enemys got respawned at different places and the HC scripts had to slowly balance out the newly spawned enemys every time when this situation occured, which seemed to be an cpu intensive task to perform on a regular basis. My son improved the the eos_core.sqf by adding an additional parameter in line 4, which allows to set up a timer to delay the caching process. This timer starts as soon as all players left the zone and gets reset as soon as a player reenters the zone. Also we reduced the active while loop which does the conditions checking by a factor of 4 (0.5s to 2s) to reduce cpu load. In my edited insurgency version I have set this parameter to 30 minutes and it works very well. I think it should also be used in your original version without HC's and with a lower value, maybe 10 minutes. I modified your insurgency version, there are 2 Headless clients integrated, ZBE_Cache removed and EOS caching with a delay of 15 minutes. I've sent you a link so you can test if everthing works as expected or you could further share the link for other interested folks (I removed the files from the older version which was linked before). Also I can confirm the problem which jimbouk described. When players connect to the server, a yellow or red chain appears. When the server is running on Windows / Wine it happens on every connect whereas on a linux server the chain rarely shows up. In general the performance of your BMR Insurgency feels better when hosted on linux server.
  8. mr. ripley

    BMR Insurgency

    @jigsor, your insurgency is working fine with Werthles Headless Kit, tried it on windows and debian linux server. Important things in this Headless script: -trigger/waypoint syncs are re-established, -units can be ignored by the script (for use with other scripts etc.), -units can be split evenly among multiple HCs, -units linked to Arma support modules automatically stay on the server (otherwise these modules break), -checks for units to be transferred to HCs are made according to the user's specifications, to ease server demand, -script sits mostly idle if no units need to be transferred, -many AI enhancements work alongside this script (if setup correctly!), -debug mode can be (de)activated during the mission, to show real-time info on HC activity. how to implement it: in arma mission editor, place a headless client or more in your mission Insert Unit->Game Logic->Virtual Entities->Headless Client Give it a name like HC_1, HC_2 ... and set it as playable. Copy the "WerthlesHeadless.sqf" in your mission folder and add this line at the beginning of your init.sqf. [true,30,false,true,30,3,true,[]] execVM "WerthlesHeadless.sqf"; i am using this one [true,30,false,true,30,3,true,["B_"]] execVM "WerthlesHeadless.sqf"; with this, all blufor (base defense) stay on server and will not be transferred to HC´s. that´s all. More things i changed in the mission: removed zbe cache (think its not working properly with the HC´s) disabled eos caching in eos_core.sqf (line 193 - 269), cause caching is to fast. ´ Disabling the eos cache is not the best solution but i am not very familiar with scripting. Best way will be a server parameter where you can choose a time limit before eos caching starts. eos cache off - or starts after 30 mins - after 60 mins - after 90 mins - after 120 mins Any help would be great for this solution. You can test the performance on our server - Altis version - Stratis Version running wit ASR-AI on Elite, no Mods needed on clientside. i send a link to jigsor with the modified mission files, asr-ai settings and server profiles (server and HC´s), cause i don´t know if i have permission to post it here. If it´s ok, jigsor can post the link here.