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  1. This is great work. I really wish I could help. On a separate, unrelated note, could you recommend any decent tutorials/etc. if I wished to start modding terrains? Thanks. Anyhow, great work, keep it up!
  2. A. Lietuvis

    [WIP, ALPHA] Jasło, Poland

    You guys rock. I just wish I could convince my community to use this terrain.
  3. Yeah SPG or ATGM technicals would be great. It'd be nice if you'd also add in AA technicals, similar to the ones that were in ArmA 2. ZU-2-23 technicals have seen significant use in Syria, especially in anti infantry roles, but it can also act as an outdated form of AA defense.
  4. A. Lietuvis

    Tac-Ops Mission Pack DLC Feedback

    In Final Strike (Steel Pegasus) I noticed jarring enemy and enemy fortification pop in. It mean that in spite of being an IFV, I couldn't make use of my superior optics to assist friendlies from further away and had to drive in dangerously close. While this might have been fine for Houston, St Jose and others which you can only really engage from close up, the fact that I had to drive in so close to assist Bravo who were on the outskirts was frustrating. Also in Breaking through, if you go back to rescue the wounded, one of them never boards the vic, meaning that you have to kill him in order to continue.
  5. A. Lietuvis

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    I mean to put it simply, they've only now added backblast. I understand they have a certain vision, but fact of the matter is that it is not ACE3 with variation why most people want to try and get the mod into their communities, it is the beautiful, well made and varied US and Russian assets. And even then it clashes with RHS a bit in terms of content, making it hard to justify. 3CB is ACE3 compatible. RHS is (mostly) compatible. NIArms are ACE3 compatible. CUP is mostly compatible. Noone wants to throw away 3CB, NiArms, CUP and others just because, while it has very high quality assets, VTN mod insists on a proprietary system. It's like when a program makes it own file extension - unless you are going big, it's just going to help drown your program.
  6. A. Lietuvis

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Will we ever see compatibility with ACE 3 or is compatibility a no go for the project?
  7. So what happened to the old mod? And the content from it?
  8. A. Lietuvis

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Question: will RHS helos be updated with the new pylon system? I find it very cool I can change armament on vanilla Pawnees, and I'd love to do the same for Hinds/RHS MELB Littlebirds/Hueys/Su-25s.
  9. Hey, uh, I can't help but notice that the HUD for the AH-6 Littlebird (AH-9 Pawnee) is gone. And so it the increased minigun spread. And the switching of salvos. EDIT: And the switching of minigun RPM.
  10. A. Lietuvis

    How to use UnitCapture in Arma 3.

    Help, I am having an issue - double pressing ESC and pressing F1 at the end of the recording doesn't work.
  11. A. Lietuvis

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Question, when flying the hind, what is the panel on the top with flashing lights meant to represent? And why does it make such a loud noise every now and then?
  12. A. Lietuvis

    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    Hey, as it currently stands, official Zeus missions still lack empty objects, like sandbags and razor wire. This is incredibly frustrating. We were told it'd be fixed 2 months ago, yet nothing. Has BI just given up?
  13. Only an issue on Official Zeus missions. They said they'd fix it in October, after 1.64 introduced it, but at the rate this is going, it's never going to happen.
  14. A. Lietuvis

    Zeus Objects/Units Missing After 1.64

    This is still an issue on the official servers.
  15. Any chance the biuldings will eventually show up in the editor? I love 'em, but I really wish they did as otherwise I am reliant on going into Zeus to place units inside and predicting which buildings are most important.