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  1. docmia67@hotmail.com

    how to spawn with RHS gear?

    thx for thar it can make spawn as arsenal set be possible, but Q1:how can i make the player first join server with arsenal set? Q2:how can i add multiple set into "loadouts"?looks like i can only select one set in "loadouts"
  2. docmia67@hotmail.com

    How to set respawn tickets in Zeus

    So we r using Zeus for some Realtime coop missions while i m the editor, when i played offical mission,i found that "respawn tickets"stuff is a perfect way to enhance experience and substitution for the Zeus Coop mission. so how can i add the "respawn tickets"for every player while i already set a spawn point ? And if its done,will someone who used all his tickets get a "Freelook" status? Sorry for my poor eng :)