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  1. I'm trying to setup the extDB ini for my Takistan server and this is what i get in the logs [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] extDB: Version: 35 [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] extDB: Windows Version [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] Message: Arma Linux Servers are using Older Physic Library (than Windows Servers), due to Debian 7 using old version of Glibc [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] Message: If you like extDB consider donating or bug BIS to drop support for Debian 7 thanks, so Linux Servers get same Physic Library Version as Windows [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] Message: Note currently most/all development for extDB is done on a Linux Server [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] Message: Torndeco: 24/01/15 [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] extDB: Found extdb-conf.ini [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] extDB: Detected 8 Cores, Setting up 6 Worker Threads [20:30:08 --5:00] [Thread 3193377860] extDB: No Config Option Found: AltisLife I have all of my info put in the ini so i'm completely un sure of what to do.
  2. I'm with Ace Gaming Community and we will be starting a Takistan Life server soon.I as the community manager is looking for people who know how edit mission files,maybe model,or texture.PM me if your interested,please show some work and proof you can do what your saying. Website: http://ace-gaming-community.enjin.com
  3. I was wondering if there is a way to scramble the mission.sqm so others can't edit it.
  4. ll Mysterio ll

    obfuscate terrain issue

    We are currently having an issue obfuscate our terrain .The button on the stool is greyed out.We are wondering if you need to do anything to make it not greyed out.
  5. ll Mysterio ll

    Is it possible to lock terrains

  6. I'm wondering is it possible to lock terrains so others can't edit it.
  7. I have put my object into arma 3 successfully ,but you can walk straight through it.