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  1. The Altis-NATO mission works with just vanilla content, ie. no mods.
  2. Dear KingN, Would you consider the following feature request: upon death, optionally respawn a player into any still alive AI team member? This would (at least for me) enhance the mission when playing without other players, in either the SP or MP modes (MP mode is better due to higher FPS with dedicated server). Your AI team members sort of serve as "lives" you have remaining. Cheers, Kurtosis
  3. Problem found; my bad. I was running a mod that removes the (annoying) default action icons that appear in the middle of the screen. However, then it's no longer obvious that you have to press and hold the action button for a while to search suitcases and bodies. Doh! Sorry for the fluke report. Vleeswolf out.
  4. Just played a fantastic single building raid mission. Artillery, air support, Jackal squad, all were used to great effect. What a great mission/campaign/framework this still is, the best out there! One little thing didn't work, also in a previous mission. The action on an enemy intel suitcase "Investigate suitcase" was there, however it could not be activated. In other words: the action is there in the action menu, but pressing the perform action button (Space) did nothing. In the previous mission this occurred with the "Examine body" action on an enemy officer. This could be a mod conflict, but its not obvious why. Missions were ran with ACE3, which works fine, and should not mess with such custom actions, but who knows. Perhaps there were earlier reports of such issues?
  5. Small issue to report: if you or an AI deactivate an explosive, the mod produces a screen shake effect. Is this intended? Maybe to simulate some anxiety 😉
  6. Kurtosis

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    LOL, I thought I tested without but apparently not thoroughly enough 🙂
  7. Kurtosis

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Is it intended that this mod enables you to teleport the player with Alt-Lett click on the map?
  8. Great job! This mod makes working with AI a lot better! I have a bug to report though: EDIT: this occurs in the mission Forgotten Few only. something is not working with the commands that require a location (*) eg. the plant explosives action. The AI either plants the explosive right in front of them, or not anywhere near where the player was pointing when selecting the command. The map selection doesn't seem to work at all: there is a notice "Please selection location on the map..." (something like that) but it never goes away and nothing happens.
  9. Kurtosis


    Back in the day of ArmA 1, I had this implemented in my Warface mission (which was a mod of MM Warfare). It would give you the option in the "death screen" to respawn either as one of the AI teammates, or back at base. It did require some scripting though, as .kju says.
  10. Kurtosis


    If you die in Warlords, you are respawned back at base. Would it be feasible to add an option for "group respawn"? When you die, you would respawn as one of your squad members that is still alive. The benefit would be less of a break from the combat, and also a better reason to bring along many AI squad members 🙂
  11. Kurtosis

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Sari, it appears that the mod C2 (Command and Control) is the culprit. Once you use its custom menu ('u' key) and click "reset" - bam you are no longer commander, supply/resources are 0, etc. I guess one should avoid pressing that "reset" button ;-) Best, Kurtosis
  12. Kurtosis

    [SP/MP] BeCTI

    Hi Sari, Just did a test run on a personal dedicated server using your latest files. Also running ACE3, and ASR AI3. Overall the experience is great! AI troops are reponsive (but moving slowly due to known behavior bugs of the base game). The AAF does a good job of defending and re-capturing their turf. However, one issue pops up: after playing for a while (1 hour), as commander, I suddenly lose my commander perks. It even appears that I am no longer part of the mission anymore, as I cannot vote myself back as commander. Another symptom is that some action menu entries (like Equipment, Commanding, and Options) have duplicated. It's a bit hard to put my finger on what exactly happened before I lost my commander right. I certainly died a couple of times. I healed myself at a service depot. I purchased some gear. I did not lose connection or anything like that. Sorry if it will be a bit hard to pin this down. I'll play some more and let you know if it happens again and under which conditions (hopefully). Best, Kurtosis
  13. Kurtosis


    I've been playing this mission solo with AI a lot, and while that's working out great, there are still some things that would really help improve it. In particular an ability to control the engagement of a sector by the AI a bit more. After you have voted for a sector to capture it would be nice if you could first define a staging area where you and the AI can group, then give a command to start the actual assault. In the mission currently the AI are doing their own thing, attacking unsynchronized with the rest, etc. Also, how do you tell the AI to defend a sector?
  14. Kurtosis

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Looks very promising, thanks for sharing! I will definitely try it out, mostly as a single player.