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  1. Hey could be a load order issue too. I load mine just after CBA. So far in my tests, only Stratis and ALtis works. None of the other maps I've tried (A3MP, Nziwasogo) would work.
  2. Are you using Stratis and Altis maps? Remember to bring a battery for the Laser Designator too.
  3. Fpr those with GPS locking on problem, it might be a map problem for you. I've done pretty intensive testing, seems like GPS lock on works on Stratis and Altis but not on any A3MP maps or Nziwasogo.
  4. Thank you very much! Just wondering, may I ask if you are running this with any other mods in place? Or just CBA and USAF? I am starting to wonder if the GPS has problems on 3rd party maps too.. or some conflicting mods..
  5. A big thank you again for the USAF mod! Unfortunately GPS still doesn't seem to work properly, and neither do laser designated targets. Tested heavily on the F16 and F35 using mainly GBU31, GBU12 and AGM154... GPS would flicker and disappear as my aircraft moves toward the target, would reappear again as I move away from the target. Laser designated targets would flicker too, sometimes it will appear many meters away from the designated area... same problem as the GPS, it would flicker and disappear as well. It's impossible to get a lock on One thing for sure, all anti air weapons seems to be working properly so far. Also, a note for other players, we've tested this in our private server... if any single player in a server has a USAF version mismatch, it will cause extreme desync issues... no AWACs spawned in yet. Task force radio will not work properly when in a plane too.
  6. Heya, tried it... sorta works.. If it works, I don't see the white box till I am really close to the target. Other than that, it just doesn't appear :/ But thanks for helping!
  7. Did some GPS tests too, seems like I am still having the same GPS problems as before, flickering red dots that appear on radar when you fly away from it and disappears when your plane is facing it. All my tests on bombs using GPS have failed. Mainly because the GPS target doesn't appear, or the GPS targeting system doesn't appear in the scroll menu. The only thing that works so far for the gps system for me, is the default loadout for the F35 when it's spawned in fresh from Zeus. May I ask what is your loadout order for the USAF mod? Mine's right underneath CBA and I am not sure if it's the correct order.
  8. I created a BI account just to thank you for doing this for the Arma community. THANK YOU! Damn this is one hell of an awesome mod. Can't believe I just got to know about it a few days ago. Thank you a lot for putting aside your precious free time to develop the mod. Of course a big thank you to everyone else who made this possible too! Now.. where's a nice CCIP mod to go along with this.. B)