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  1. hmm, i check the tutorial, is way too long to follow. Im plug n play type :D
  2. Virtual servers, : / sounded good but i think would be very complicated for me. Ill stick with gs this month and leave a "review" here.
  3. ok i go straight for game servers.This helped me a lot! arma 3 server hosting. Might help some users in the future.
  4. You know anything about fragredy? They say they offer unlimited slots for standard price VS Game servers? And what about ddos is it important factor?
  5. hi, guys im looking to get my own public server and i dont know where to start. Im not looking forward to dedicated server since the cost is way to high for me. Any suggestions on a reliable host?
  6. The witcher 3 GTA V F:New Vegas World of Warcraft ? :D Dayz standalone Pac-Man ARK S.E.