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  1. Task Force Razor Task Force Razor is a grouping of detachments ranging form U.S Army to U.S Air force all working towards the same objective to complete missions. Task Force Razor is a group looking for mature members who are willing to put time and dedication into making this community of the best We have official Operations every Friday and Saturday consisting of 50+ members from all detachments lasting around 2-3 hours. We also have out B.C.T every other Tuesday that you are required to attend if you wish to be promoted in the future. B.C.T lasts around 2 hours and is a single class. Depending of where you wish to go within the Task Force there will be extended trainings ei. Sapper Training that you will be expected to complete. Detachments 24th Special Operations Wing (Airforce PJs) Special Operations Aviation (Aviation) 17th Rangers (LRRP/Pathfinding) 4th SBCT (Mechanized Infantry, Sappers, Armor, Combat Medics) NOTE: Not all detachments are open for recruitment. For further information please enter our Teamspeak Server. Contact Information Teamspeak Server IP: Website: http://afsoc.enjin.com/ We hope to see you soon! 2LT A. Wayne 1st Platoon, Platoon Leader 1-6 Out!