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  1. I had the opportunity to watch your conference, as well as read your article on the same subject in the blender magazine a few years ago and it's really a fantastic job you're doing.

    Honestly, I did not believe in a public release, but I was wrong and I'm glad I made a mistake.

    It is certain that the creation of world, via blender and your tool, will become more and more interesting and thank you for that.

    The possibility of using libraries, under the sandbox, as is done with UE4 is a very good thing.
    The automation that we see, too.



    Blender is a 3D modeling tool(and much more), but you can’t expect fancy features which can handle big chunks of terrains with millions of objects on it, it has its own bottlenecks and limits, but even back then I could see, that the advantage of having possibility to import terrain mesh and its textures to Blender and start placing environment content much more easier way(comparing to Buldozer) or even modeling content over a terrain is a feature that will never come into Terrain Builder/Buldozer.

    Fully agree and personally, it is this aspect that interests me the most, like the tunnel, for example, but also the possibility to modify a cut-out area and to personalize it to the extreme, with objects created for the Such as rock supports, waterfalls (with the currently available "Aliascartoons" modder) and many other assets, which will allow either a faithful reconstruction of a precise environment, such as some historical sites, or, Why not, a total extrapolation, like the creation of a part of the world invented.

    I think a reduced map is more convenient than a huge map that we probably will not get everywhere.
    As a result, blender bottlenecks will not be over-achieved. :)

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  2. To help understand the various steps of this animal, there is a series of image boards, the early days of photography, the gentleman who was called "Eadweard Muybridge".



    I had used these boards to animate some animals made under ArmA1, but with the software "ofp anim", no graduation (to the eye) and I was not too unhappy with the outcome at the time; :)


    Example with aurochs:

    Wait a few seconds before the animation really starts: problem of old file Daylimotion?


    I wish, too, make a horse, but not this animal, but I must first learn the technique of animation with blender and like many, I do not have much time for now ...

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  3. Very interesting, but I have great difficulty with the small font, probably the result of a great screen resolution?

    Especially the part painter substance, including the use of different textures that you generate and use that is made later in Photoshop, to get the final texture.


    I can follow, because I also use SP, but for someone who does not know, I think it will be more difficult.


    That said very good workflow and highlighting the enormous possibilities of SP. :)

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  4. For my part, in addition to da12thMonkey writes, I am very careful deployment of uv in the first lod, so that optimization / decimation in the second lod, occurs naturally and I did not really need to intervene (I speak especially of organic assets, since it is the essence of my creation: characters, plants, rocks, etc.)
    With my personal experience, I would say there are as many methods of decimation, that objects and often you do some work with a dedicated tool and you complete, end "by hand".

    I work on the blender and decimation tool is very useful, but I also prepare my model, to help the tool to "find the right path."
    For example, on a tree trunk, I'll prune small branches at the end of large branches, so that the tool does not take into account and focuses only on the bulk of the object: the calculation tool is global, having removed these small branches, which anyway does not see the current lod because they are hidden by the foliage, provides good and quick decimation.

    So I spend time thinking about the location of my uvs on the architecture of the model to simplify as much as possible: we must constantly think in the depth of the object, on its first three lods, closely nested, particularly because the figure should remain on about a lod identical to another while decimating each time by almost half.

    Depending on the object, I prefer other tools, such as "MeshLab" extremely effective for achieving lods rocks (and certain other industrial forms).

    To stay in the vegetation, when I make a branch with foliage above, I make sure to also prepare the other two lods inside, which I attibuer a named temporary selection, which allows me to position a duplicate branches number of times, in many different axes to shape the mass of foliage that makes up the tree, then select the party named A2, for example, that I copy / paste in the lod 2 and part I A3 copy / paste in the lod 3: graphical continuation of the tree silhouette is provided for these three lods and the fourth and last lod has some polyplanes that simulate the tree in the distance.

    So too, there is a continuing reflection in depth (ie: different lods), which creates no hair pulling, which can probably be applied to other types of objects.

    I think it is important not to see an asset by limiting his first lod, without finding out what happens next, once this first lod is over, but, instead, see addon in its entirety.

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  5. My two cents.


    I think there are several aspects to the problems: the gameplay and brightness, which, in my opinion, are linked and the technical part included in the modding.


    When I write that the brightness is related to gameplay, I mean the ambience, narration relative to the topic are also included in the equation.




    The main theme of the franchise 'arma' is the representation of conflict, with a decidedly realistic touch that stands out from other franchises, whose features are treated more lightly, because the stated objectives are not the same.

    I personally think that the evocation of dark things, like conflicts (which really are not choirboys for subjects), requires dark atmospheres, both brightness point of view of the narrative point of view, as this strengthens dramatic effect on the subject matter.


    It is a narrative technique well known filmmakers, writers, forcing the line, exaggerating the atmosphere, sometimes to caricature, as in some films (sin city, 300, etc).


    The problem we face with the new light atmosphere of game engine arma 3, is that the original message is broken by the brightness too soft, almost absent shadows, or too light.

    The contrast, which can give birth to the drama is absent from the screen and, instead, we have a kind of mixture that generates a biased immersion, a stall in the proposed content, in relation APEX / TANOA.

    Add to this the absence of animal life, civil (a minimum would have been enough to give a little impetus to the atmosphere, not too exceed the imposed polycount), the sounds of animal sounds hardly compensate because we do not see them and therefore it increases the frustration.

    There is nothing in the field of view, apart from the beautiful scenery, which supports our attention.

    The impression persists is that of a sumptuous decor, with narration primer (but unfinished, unresolved), with the historic ruins and the decorative elements of the "temple" lost in the woods, which are not sufficient in itself, to compensate for the lack, the void filled all.


    I have the impression of walking through an abandoned movie set after the filming of a movie: a ghost island.


    Another point concerns the narrative, the gameplay itself.

    I remain convinced that the multiplayer is not a panacea and it is even the opposite when there is this available.

    The multiplayer allows the confrontation between several players, without bringing anything original, in-game, allowing different twists of those, more than known that consistently meet the players.

    For brevity, this lack of originality, even if most players do with.


    A true story, whose most significant example is the gameplay OFP there are more than 10 years ago, with a "hero" with which to identify, unpredictable twists and thus to sustain attention, is the basis of attractiveness, thoughtful narration.


    Forget it, while trying to make a script that looks like seen in many other games, grown weary.


    The discovery (led) the environment, with a scenario that conveys a sense of total freedom, while the thread brings the player or precisely where it needs to go to the game bounce, and hangs his interest, so that it goes to the next step, which allows retention.


    But simply pyrotechnic effects, as in some big budget films, thinking that the glare is sufficiently long and intense to keep the viewer / player front of the screen, while ignoring the construction of a true story in depth, is in my opinion a mistake.

    The impression that one feels when leaving the movie theater / game is what we have when we see fireworks: it's pretty, but soon forgotten ...



    The modding part will be shorter, because there is just to say that it is true that the modders that I'm a little baffled by the constant brightness changes that challenge the composition of "rvmat" without solve the problem of shadows that are too soft and besides, personally, it's not dozens, but hundreds of rvmat I should change.


    It is urgent to wait until it all ends and documentation appears on the topic.

    This is especially annoying when you think the modders community actively participates in the life of the game and free ...


    I do not mean the competition with wholesale prices, which in my opinion, in absolute terms was not a bad thing, but that has cooled the enthusiasm of more than one creator: personally, I almost let fall, but the attraction to create in this game engine was the largest, at least so far.


    In conclusion, I think the new features should have been reserved for the new engine "Enfusion" and that the military theme is growing at an "adventure" aspect, which would create attractive scenarios: we can even imagine narrative and historical bridge between all confused islands, with the common thread, a small team related to military, not necessarily be military too, or only in part, the rest can be explorer / archaeologist / journalist embroiled in events historical / fictional, to the realistic side and a very tense situation, allowing scriptwriting twists including a quest that can last and continue on other islands already made.

    In fact, you have to change views and move the individual's side browsing its time and its turmoil, toward a goal treacherous (if not, it's not fun ^^), with the canvas substantive conflict with the military, in which it overlaps at times.


    So much for my point of view, which applies to all of the franchise, but "tanoa" allows the illustration of the idea that is mine.


    Of course, this is constructive criticism and no one is forced to agree with me. :)

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    I'm sorry to say, but IFA3lite just looks awefull - in stark contrast to the high quality stuff in this mod.

    without controversy, but because the fact of comparing two mods which images available for everyone, right now, do not correspond to any of the two, the standard of the new game engine arma 3, leaves me skeptical ...
    Explanation: On one hand, ifa 3 lite, like the "lite" indicates, has only textures in 512/512, for various reasons related to legal issues, etc.
    On the other hand, a mod, superb and I have no doubt about it :) but whose images are shown through the filter of "marmoset" which designers know and use for its superb rendering, much better than bulldozer, for example.
    So we have two extremes, completely opposite and personally I can not decide, or even to like one more than the other, yet.
    Regarding the technical realization, since I have had the opportunity to manipulate the addons in P3D, for optimization, I must say that I find them really well done, although I am not a professional, but simply me based on my experience modder.
    While it is certain that compare textures 512 with textures calculated with marmoset, always give a huge difference rendering.
    But this is not a criticism, just a need to put these arguments in the debate and each, of course, has the right to his own judgment. :)
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  7. to make things clear: I kept the models from the original game "iron front", with the same number of polygons for the first lods (on average up to the third) and I optimized the fourth lod and often created the fifth was missing and his absence caused a lot of lag, due to the high number of polygons present in the fourth model in lod (plus the scripts used to damage system on vehicles).


    To summarize: for the infantry, or for aircraft and light weapons and static, there was a big optimization, without altering the original models, which retain their original appearance.


    Some assets, including aircraft, but also many others from other assets often used by players, like the characters, had too many polygons in their last lod.


    In addition, independently of the polygonal optimization, a visual optimizing a lod to another was also made, so that the passage of a lod to another, when the game engine perform this action, much more fluid and unobtrusive and does not cause visual break.

    This helps in visual fluidity that was added by "BIS" to improve the visualization tanoa vegetation: this is complementary.


    All this allows, I still recalls once, without deterioration of the quality of original models of the game, to have more objects on the screen to be able to represent the theater of WW2 that showed masses of men and field vehicles. :)

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  8. The last lods trees are managed with atlas textures, which include a lot of different trees on a same map, but it serves primarily a gain of resources, and in reality, with the distance, the details fade and blend into each other, while giving a "washed-out" aspect related to the atmosphere.


    The leafy masses of two or three lods have their shadows generated by polyhedra groups to simulate the shade under deciduous different ensembles joined to each other to give the characteristic shape to represent a tree.


    When we pass the lower lods, which are built mainly around plans intersecting few, especially the texture atlas, the effect of volumetric shadow is not the same, and indeed because of the limited number of pixels assigned to each tree species with this atlas texture, this generates a very opaque plane with which must match the previous lods: in other words, the large-format texture must be a solid color, with a fairly narrow leaves apart without much color variation in order to correspond to the last lod (and vice versa).


    It shows well on ATLIS with the impression that the trees seem made of one solid color.


    The purely artistic options with the tablet, are quite limited and improvements can only come through the addition of other calculation methods.


    Personally I would have liked to see more variations related to the ongoing decomposition that is a rainforest, but I understand, in relation to what I wrote above that the technical requirements limit the imagination and the problems of lod away quickly resurface.


    But one thing can be done at the eden editor, to give a tropical feel clammy and suffocating heat, setting the parameter related to the fog: what can also alleviate some of the transitions between the problems lods in the distance.


    Or make a specific map of decaying elements to be added randomly on the trees, knowing that simulation that moves the trees in the wind may disconnect these elements (but I digress).


    different rvmat are also applied for, on distance lods to mitigate the contrast differences between each of them.


    So much for my own experience of self modder, so not professional.

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  9. I think if we give the same model to two 3D artists, the result will probably be quite near, with different styles, simply because no one has invented the sun, or to be more clear, it there is necessarily a basis on which the imagination draws directly after consultation documentation including a model similar to the one that we want to personally represent, or indirectly, by drawing on his memories.


    Whatever the case, it is not created out of nothing and nothing comes out of nothing.


    The basis is common, since we all live under the same sun, but there are variations that are determined by different cultures, different climates, etc.


    My example is not as accurate as you mention, but the principle is the same.

    After all, an AK47 produced ten thousand times ten thousand different adonmakers, not corespond ten thousand people who have copied each other.


    So to answer your question, I think no, it is not a copy, let alone if you keep your own style, your own representation of the object.