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  1. from an article in French, on the subject concerning the Normandy Front: (google translation)


    There were Osttruppen (Eastern troops) and Ostlegionnen (Eastern Legions) made up of foreign volunteers, most of them Red Army (Russian and non-Russian) deserters or former recruits, but also other volunteers from very far away countries. They were lightly equipped, often with Soviet capture material, and generally placed in defense or used in law enforcement operations in the occupied territories.


    credit: http://www.forumpro.fr/t149-les-osttruppen-for-the-bataille-de-normandie


    @General Yudenich

    Thank you for your comments :)

    The Japanese assets come from the HIP mod (except the characters) and for now, I do not think there are any other additions, unless a motivated modder decides to create them, but it's not the case, I think.

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  2. With the mod FOW you have another uniform with a jacket "M 41", like that of the movie "saving private ryan":
    In fact, this is the uniform of the landing of June 6, overall speaking and the photos of time, in Normandy, there are many who do not have suspends, but I still decided to add, for a question of visibility.
    The uniform that you show, the "M 37" is more intended for a Mediterranean-type country, such as Italy, or North Africa.

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  3. Quote

    otherwise we will follow your request accordingly - as we have always done.



    Removing all my work on the ifa3 lite mod, which means removing the American characters, their equipment, everything that has been done from this base, such as American paratroopers, their equipment and any other modification to from my work.


    the "US" faction must be that of the original AWAR game, or any other models, if you find an artist willing to work for you.


    Also removed from everything I did in terms of optimization, on the original addons of AWAR and those of inv44: the characters, like the tanks, the light weapons, the static cannons, the machine guns, the airplanes of AWAR, but also inv44 gliders.


    All that I have just enumerated and I forget, has been optimized by me, cleaning all the lods and recreating, at least the fourth and fifth lods of all this.


    For the inv 44 gliders there was only the first distance lod created by the inv44 team.


    I will complete this list if other changes I have made come to mind.

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  4. in your latest changelog:


    US army infantry and clothing with HQ textures thanks to LODU!
    Some German backpacks with HQ textures thanks to LODU!

    The American soldiers and their equipment with textures in 2048 by 2048: this is absolutely not what we have agreed between us and you know very well.

    I had asked, and you agreed, that the textures of my creations (American characters and equipment) should be the same as the rest of the mod, in 512/512 pixels, there is no graphical break, but also to preserve those same addons, which are present on the mod fow, in 2048/2048.


    I sent a message in this sense to kju, but like my previous messages, it seems that this one is also ignored.


    After he ignored me for a long time, i've asked him to remove completely my work (and all my improvements) from IFA3, but he ignored me again.


    Therefore, I ask the moderators to stop the diffusion of this mod which does not respect my decision of creator and my intellectual property on these assets.

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  5. @warbirdguy1


    I am the one who modeled and textured the garand and as Bad Benson says, we can not dwell on small details, in a context of free mod, 

    insofar as it is a question of a set of different creations that Must appear on the screen, so that you can play.
    Which means that the sum of things to take into account is frightening and that if we were trying to make millimetric precision in everything we create, the mod would not be released until 2030. :)


    I also have areas of expertise and interests, but they are limited and beyond that, when I create something I do not know, I do some research on the internet, of course, and I accumulate Documentation sometimes for hours, seeing days, especially because it is necessary to arrive at understand what the image shows and it is not always obvious, especially if the object is not familiar.


    Things have an architecture, an internal logic that builds them and to understand how to reproduce this object, we have to come to understand its logic, that is to say that of the designer.


    All this takes time, a lot of time, and creation itself intervenes only much later, with errors, inaccuracies, due to the time that passes inexorably and do not wait for us :).


    It is necessary to multiply these processes by the number of objects necessary to the mod and in the case of "fow" the objects range from vegetation to different rifles, other weapons, more or less heavy, vehicles, weapons configuration criteria To find and interpret also, in relation to the speed limits reached by the game engine.


    There are also animations, which do not always work as we wish, that waste time, etc., etc.


    To this you can also add the lighting of the game which changes quite often these times and forces to rethink the textures, or more exactly the "rvmat"; But also the functions of the game can evolve and some are removed and in general it was the one that helped you to achieve the best your effects.
    What worked yesterday seems inert today, and so on.


    In conclusion, I think I have given you a little insight into the complexity of creating a mod, and I have done it for those who see things too focused on a particular detail: This kind of request to this paragraph. :)

    That said, I am also picky about some topics that excite me and that is why I take the time to answer you.

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  6. I come back to the subject, to describe something that I can not understand: here are two screens, representing two positions of seizure of the weapon "sten".
    On the first, you see that on the rig, in "blender", I positioned arms and elbows very apart from the body, helping me with handles surrounded by blue, for a more natural rotation of all Joints ranging from the wrist to the shoulder.
    The result in game shows the elbows tight against the body.


    On the second screen, I made a different seizure position, less "hollywood", but still with the elbows slightly apart from the body and this time I did not use the handles surrounded by blue, while trying To make a nearly natural position at the level of the shoulders.
    The result, invariably, still shows this tightening of elbows near the body.


    In your opinion, what produces that?
    There is sometimes an "offset" effect, but not only.


    Could there be interference between several adjustment handles?


    Is it possible that something could have changed in the definition of the skeleton of the character, since recent game update, but that would not have been listed by BI?


    My questions may seem incongruous, but I am just beginning to really approach the animation with blender and it is possible that some concepts, especially if they are abstract, have escaped my understanding.

  7. The first thing that comes to mind is a tool to fill in the holes that can appear when placing objects, for example, when creating mountain flanks, to simulate rock, with More accurate than what the elevation related to the basic satellite map give.


    In the same vein, a functionality related to the real sculpture tool integrated in blender; With a modification of type multiresolution, but not dyntopo because it destroys the uv; Which would make it possible to subdivide on specific places, without subdividing the whole map and which would therefore retain the uv coordinates.


    This is to allow precise hollowing, filling, smoothing, mainly for the more precise and natural integration of imported objects such as houses, rocks, bridges, etc.


    The Boolean tools are very consumers of polygons, so I do not talk about them, while not really knowing if the engine of arma3 supports this functionality without too much drop of resources.
    I imagine, in fact, that we must also monitor the polycount and the gameplay that can result.


    Of course the ideal would be to have access to your tool, to better realize the necessary things, but it is not a request, just a statement made at the end of my reflection.

  8. Hello and thanks to macser for his rig.
    I had this problem, not long ago, I managed to correct it on a single animation of seizure of weapon, but I had done so many manipulations one after the other, Because it irritated me too, that I did not think of noting what I had done so that it would not happen again ...

    I remember having tried, among other things, to keep the weapon by default, but to have moved the vertices, to match the handles and the trigger tail, having previously positioned mine as explained by Macser, for Use it as a template.

    I will have to get back on it in no time and if I find the solution again, I would post it here.