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  1. Hello, 


    First of all a big thank you for your fantastic software that allows to cross the bridge connecting blender to the other shore of arma.


    Here is the object of my problem: I try to produce a tree foliage, with the modification "normal edit" and until then everything is OK: the normals are properly oriented to give the desired smoothed look.


    The problem happens when exporting blender to object builder: when I retrieve my foliage in OB, it is as smooth as in blender, but when I copy and paste to have a second face reversed, the smoothing disappears immediately.

    I looked into your manual and I have not found any relationship on this subject: but can I have misunderstood?
    Or, a manipulation, in blender could have escaped me?


    I thank you in advance for your investigations: I do not know if you need the model, but if it is the case, I join it to you.
    I voluntarily left the "normal edit" modifier visible.




    1. lodu


      No problem and you have already done more than enough for blender users :)

      In addition, all the well-thought-out volumes created in the lod shadows, insofar as they are correctly distributed, help many, as well as the normal map with the addition of baking spheres to simulate even more rounded faces.
      I would be satisfied with that at the moment and thank you very much for your answer.



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