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    Goggles mesh problem

    Hey guys, i'm currently reworking some of my oldest models for a release – but i'm stuck with a mesh problem. I'm getting weird "glass in glass" effects with my goggles. It seems to be a mesh problem but i'm not sure why this occurs and how to solve it. The issue is only visible in certain view angles. (Dark rectangle near the nose). I hope someone knows how to fix this bug!
  2. EllaElectro

    Goggles mesh problem

    Well I fixed the problem after some hours of trial and error. It has something to do with the mesh's layer order. The black square was the spectacle frame. I'm still not sure why it was only visible through some faces of the glass.
  3. EllaElectro

    Extended Fortifications Mod

    Well it is 2017 already
  4. EllaElectro

    Custom Mortar 120 mm

    Even if i can't get rid of the wobbling completely it is much better now and at least the mortar does not flip anymore (with ten tons of weight). The range problem is also solved. Thanks again x3kj
  5. EllaElectro

    Custom Mortar 120 mm

    Hey guys and gals, I've been working on an 120mm mortar of the german armed forces (modified Soltam K6). And I got two problems I hope your guys can help me to fix. 1. I can not get the mortar to have a firerange of min 450m to max 6350m. I tweaked around with the minelv and maxelv values but I only get strange results. Are these the right values at all? 2. As soon as I change the elevation (in game) by pressing the page up or page down keys the mortar wobbles around through the backblast - sometimes it even flips. How can I fix that? Many thanks in advance. CfgVehicles: cfgWeapons config.cpp
  6. EllaElectro

    Custom Mortar 120 mm

    Yeah I know. I have not started the balancing at all. I wanted to have the mortar work correctly first. Could be problematic with close distant firesupport :D I'll give it a shot as soon as I find the time. The barrel elevation does not matter for me. I created a virtual barrel in extension of the static one. The visual barrel can be moved to the sides but not up and down. I want to include a mortar reloading animation as soon as the mortar works and that would be kinda diffucult with different barrel angles. That sounds like it will work. Thanks a lot x3kj!
  7. EllaElectro

    Floating Vehicle

    Is it floating in objectbuilder too? Could have various reasons. My suggestion would be that the geometry LOD is not on the same level as the Vlods. I got similar results once in blender. I fixed it by snapping the cursor to Center and setting origin of every LOD to 3d Cursor.
  8. EllaElectro

    Help getting cfgGlasses object to work In game

    I figured out that strange results occur as soon as I use white background in my textures. So better switch it to a black background (alpha 1). Afterwards try to convert your .png to .paa via texview (comes with the armatools).
  9. EllaElectro

    Help getting cfgGlasses object to work In game

    Set the autocenter property in the Geometry LOD to 0 for headgear positioning. Could you provide a picture? I'm not sure what you mean.
  10. Hey guys, I created a model for a german DM-12 PARM off-route mine but I am not sure how to set it up correctly. The mine itself consists of two parts: a tripod with a tube and a fin stabilized rocket. The mine is placed along the roadside and is triggered via a pressure sensitive wire or a visual sensor. My problem is that the ArmA vanilla mines simply detonate and disappear. I want the tripod to stay were it is and the rocket to actually fly towards the target. So am I guessing right that it should be like an automated turret and not a mine? What has to be done? How should I continue? I'm glad for any advise since this is the first weapon I am creating.
  11. EllaElectro


    The eagle is looking really cool and hope I can cruise around in it soon. The only deficit I can see (hear) so far, is the sound of the FLW100. A mounted MG3 which does not sound like a MG3 at all – at least not from the inside of the vehicle. Keep it running :)
  12. EllaElectro

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Tested it on our dedicated server. It is working perfectly on 64bit. Every player needs to put it in their @task_force_radio folder.
  13. Found that in a different thread: Go to Object Mode and reset: location of the selection (ALT G) scale of the selection (ALT S) rotation of the selection (ALT R) origin of the selection (ALT O) Works perfectly for me.
  14. EllaElectro

    Blender > O2

    works perfectly thank you a lot
  15. EllaElectro

    Old stlye US Army BDU

    Seem's like the MLOD download isn't available via armaholic any longer. The two links provided link to the same page und the MLOD-download-link is dead. Would be great if you could provide a new download. Thanks
  16. EllaElectro

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Is there a known issue about Zeus not able to talk to players with TFAR Plugin 0.9.12 installed? We noticed that the virtual Zeus is no longer able to hear and speak to other players when flying in close distance. Also units captured by Zeus are can no longer be used for roleplay purposes. Can anyone confirm this?
  17. EllaElectro

    Headgear problem - model in field of view

    Thanks a lot. In fact I created one in Blender but it wasn't exported into Objectbuilder correctly. I created one manually now and it works perfectly. Thanks
  18. Hello out there, I got a problem with my first model for ArmA 3. It's a forage cap of the German Armed Forces. The cap is on the right position and moves with the head correctly – but you can see the cap if you wear it and it blocks your field of vision. I would like to know if there is a way to make the cap transparent or invisble for the player who's wearing it. Any help appreciated
  19. EllaElectro

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Will this be implemented in the main mod or will it be available seperatly? Thank you for your work!
  20. EllaElectro

    Task Force Arrowhead Radio

    Can we expect a feature which prevents other players to transmit on frequency A while another one is already transmitting on it?
  21. Hey TPW! First of all: thank you for your work. Can anyone tell me which pbo contains this feature?
  22. EllaElectro

    Unwanted Clutter

    If you still have this issue you could try to simply add this line to the concrete class in the cfgsurfaces: grassCover = 0.0; Greetings
  23. EllaElectro

    Fantasy Air Allegro 2000

    There is one in version 1.1 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25898
  24. APP-6 Military symbols for land based systems Hello guys. It's time for me to ask the ArmA community for help. In the past i created like hunderts of seperate map-markers to enable the creation of tactical/military maps. The markers i created worked fine in the 2D editor but they were not really usable ingame without any external "GUI-marker-manager" like the "Sweet markers system" by swatSTEAM. Furthermore you can probably imagine how the file size expands with any new (slighly different) marker. Some example map markers: http://jaegerkompanie.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/ExampleMarkers.png So i started to think about it and figured out that one could "simply" create all those different military symbols with different: role indicators, size indicators, mobility indicators, ... in a running game by simply combining all necessary elements. I guess the ingame-map interface could look somehow like this: http://jaegerkompanie.de/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Concept.png Now my problem: At this point i have no ******* clue how the advanced GUI creation works. I have read and watched some basic tutorials which do not really help me to realise this project. So I'm here to get rid of this. I appreciate any help – whether it's a link to an advanced GUI tutorial, tipps and tricks how to realize any little element or any other. I will work and definitely finish this project. It is just a question of time.