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  1. I always tried to make use of the rockets using the CAS planes but to little or no avail. I would greatly prefer some other weapons added intstad of those to the default loadout. It would probably make more sense too since the 30mm cannon is probably more useful on those kind of targets and surely more likely to hit.
  2. Sorry for the confusion but with all that is in this game, it's easy to get carried away between weapon systems and other specs.
  3. Now it makes sense, but the GBU of planes have the LOAL mode showed in the hud, so it's not active in missiles but it's active in laser guided bombs? And it's strange that we're unable to change the mode if we want to only follow the laser we marked... that's something that doesn't add up too.
  4. From what I could see, and I think it's pretty evident from the missile camera in the showcase mission, the Rhino missile is a top down attack one, not a cruise one. The missile rises right after the shot to a safe altitude and then drops down on the target. Basically it's a cannon launched Titan in all aspect of the flight. I would expect a cruise missile to more closely follow the terrain and then to go for a direct hit or gain altitude for a top attack on the very last leg of its flight. That would make for a formidable weapon, less detectable and avoidable. it would be neat to be able to tell the gunner what flight profile to use as a commander, I find it pretty odd that he does his own will.
  5. Thanks for the links, still I can't find what kind of profiles are related to what missile. I managed to guess some but I still fail to find a missile that have the cruise mode. Beside, something is still wrong with the accuracy since they're missing stationary target pretty consistently as the previously linked bug reports are saying. Bot the top attack of the TITAN AC and the overfly of the PCML.
  6. I guess Officers and infantry leaders should have access to those infos. Possibly if not the usual GPS you can have the UAV interface be a point of access to the data link network so that even infantry could be in the loop. Actually there are things like this developed or maybe already issued to troops in USA and possibly some other nations.
  7. Oh, got it. I thought it was a game feature for a moment. Not so game savvy to meddle with scripts but thanks anyway.
  8. How do you switch the datalink on and off in a vehicle with that sensor suite? (I need to verify a couple of things on my previous observations) Oh and beside, nice catch and nice post. I completely agree about that.
  9. Well, to me the problem was targeting it directly from the Rhino, my missile worked flawlessly for many times straight when targeting the laser designation that is an objective of the showcase. And that puzzles me even more... In the end, we would need a fix to the flight/targeting profile of missiles and a fix to the AI gunner decision on what mode to use based on range (top attack is good as default but not feasible under a certain range). It would be good to have a way as a commander to order the gunner a particular fire mode.
  10. Playing with tanks after the DLC I found more issues with the cannon launched misisles not hitting their target even when stationary. At close range, the AI gunner always seem to have the missile go on top attack mode and thus overshooting by a good amount (no way to have it switch to direct mode as a commander, you need to hop in the gunner position), happening from a Kuma; at long range on a stationary target I missed with 4 consecutive shots from the Rhino of the showcase mission with the missile always doing the exact same flight. The target of the Rhino showcase was a bit covered from sight but could be targeted and missile seemed to overshoot a bit in the terminal part of the top attack course. Anyone else is having this kind of issues?
  11. Yup, as I said telling wich missile does what profile.
  12. Well, even if lased, the aiming system of the missile should target and engage as if the laser weren't there. The fact it's already designated is a plus for the weapon systems that can lock on it remotely but if you have a line of sight you should be able to engage the target regardless. One more thing about flight profiles: since there are more than one type of alternate profile for missiles (top attack, overhead flight,....) it should be mentioned in the in game database what king of profile the weapon support as you might end up thinking of a top attack with high flying profile for a missile that will go directly over the target and thus hitting terrain or buildings in his trajectory. I couldn't find any detailed info on this.
  13. DennyMala

    Laws of War DLC Feedback

    I'm enjoying this "different" campaign and I would like to compliment the team on having a real karate kata (or at least part of it) well animated in one of the memories in Oreokastro. That was really a nice touch.