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  1. Thank you. So i download mod v1.26, right? and i have a problem again: i started new game to se mod in action on startup and check save-load save load system(it works fine) and now i can't understand how i can replace savegames.
  2. So i disable the mod and try last savegame, and got crash again.
  3. Now i can't give you screenshot with problem? but i can explain^ Unhandled exception program .....carrier.exe Reason: Acces violation. Illegal read by 4039a at ffffffff SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr^0x0040390a SymGetSymFromAddr:487, addr^0x0040390a I use latest beta version of game and latest version of mod, of course. I can send you broken save and last stable save.
  4. I have crashes while load some saves (campaign) and even when i go back to the main menu. Please help! Also, mod is great. Good work.