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    Dialog onLoad Not Working

    After changing it to uiNamespace it works exactly the same, but somehow it felt different.. more... reliable...
  2. Not sure but since it uses a dialog (I think) you could DePbo the mod, find the main dialog IDD and then use one of the dialog commands to close/hide it. Sorry I couldn't be more vague, it's late.
  3. Kingsley1997

    Dialog onLoad Not Working

    Ah okay, I got it all working with storing the display in WS_GUI_Jobs_Display but I'll change it to uiNamespace just to be sure :D
  4. Kingsley1997

    Adding custom loadouts

    Yeah I know of those methods I mean the functions, since the functions for adding weapons and magazines is what would make it slow after all.
  5. Kingsley1997

    Dialog onLoad Not Working

    Not sure about the quotes, documentation on dialogs is scarce but I'll try it thanks
  6. Kingsley1997

    Adding custom loadouts

    No it should be fine for performance. Besides is there even another way of adding a weapon/magazines? If it works for you and it doesn't lag your mission out at the start then it's fine!
  7. Kingsley1997

    Adding custom loadouts

    While this does work quite well since you get to actually see what the loadout is and it adds it properly, it can be quite static if you just leave it as that. What I like to do is define some alternative loadouts, put them in a script with two arguments, the player and the type (type being like rifleman, medic etc.) and then in a switch statement load the loadout for the correct type.
  8. This is not a sales thing or a sponsored promotion, this is just what I found to be genuinely quite cool. Just found this brilliant site that lets you have a MediaWiki site for free with a very clean domain name. All you've got to do is fill in a couple fields and then email the webmaster a few times to confirm some stuff and you're done! https://wiki.wiki/ Just got my wiki at warsim.wiki
  9. Kingsley1997

    Dynamic Dialog Sizing

    Perfect, cheers
  10. Is it possible to dynamically size a dialog based on the contents? So for example if I had say 5 tiles it would create an IGUIBack big enough to cover the tiles with some padding around the side, and then if those tiles changed to 12 it would resize the IGUIBack again?
  11. Call does work with custom functions. The difference between spawn and call is that spawn allows you to use delay commands in your function such as sleep etc. Spawn also means it could be executed before or after you intend. Call on the other hand makes sure to wait until that function has been completed.
  12. Kingsley1997

    Client-Side Virtual Arsenal Problem

    This wouldn't work since I'm using "roles" defined in my DB but thanks anyway. I'm instead building a dialog for changing loadout, it'll be better for this mission since I want to limit certain items and show what "new" items you've unlocked etc.
  13. I'm trying to make the virtual arsenal only show items for certain people. The process I want is the player clicks my custom action called "VIRTUAL ARSENAL" and then it will go to the server, get their player data from the DB, check which role they are and then once it has their role it can choose whether or not to show items for example someone who isn't a repair guy can't have the repair kit etc. So far all I see is the virtual arsenal lets you either spawn it without the use of the box for the action or lets you add it as an action to a box. The former is what I want to use but it doesn't return the object so that I can remove cargo and add cargo etc. Any suggestions? ---------- Post added at 18:45 ---------- Previous post was at 18:38 ---------- Okay so it's like 50% possible with using the missionNamespace as the target but if I'm using the missionNamespace, surely that would affect all clients? So if a player opens the arsenal and gets their allowed items, another person will get theirs or at least change everyone elses arsenal because it will change it on the mission's scope not the player's scope....
  14. Kingsley1997

    IF/While stopping the script

    Consider using scopeName and breakTo and breakOut.
  15. Yes I am fully aware of the server.exe and that's what I have been using to test. What I mean is remove all that hassle of exporting the mission, starting to server, joining it etc and just put that in automatically in the background.
  16. Not sure whether this is the right place to post this, but I have a suggestion for the mission editor. It would be good if there was an option in the editor to preview the mission in a simulated dedicated server. So it would essentially export the mission as a PBO, start a local dedicated server with any mods you specify, connect you to it and then let you play. If it could do that all in the background then developing MP missions would be so much easier and quicker, rather than having to do all that manually to test something.. Unless I'm testing stuff wrong I assume that is the only way to test an MP mission. Is this technically feasible or is it just not worth the investment?
  17. I suppose but MP editing/scripting may not be totally different but in testing it is, since the game has to be a recognizable dedicated server before it runs any server scripts etc.
  18. I'm trying to get images of a unit (the overall image of the unit like this) from the the config but I don't know where to look. I've checked in CfgVehicles at the units but no textures (.paa) in their config are what I'm looking for. I've tried to just make the images myself but everytime I show them in my dialog it just shows the image faded out to grey, like a silhouette. EDIT Never mind, turns out I was exporting it wrong. But if it is possible to just get these images from the Config please let me know!
  19. There is no way that script would crash your game. How have you implemented it? Your mission folder should look something like this:
  20. Thanks for the ideas, I love the one with the sleeper action, that I'll definitely do.
  21. Kingsley1997

    How to remove prone for an AI?

    One way to accomplish this would be to check the AI units stance every X seconds and if it's prone then randomly pick crouch or stand up. Wouldn't be very fast if you had lots of AI though...
  22. In that code where it says _somePosition, it's referring to a position array, so that could be getPos player or getMarkerPos "myMarker"... The wiki has loads of documentation on the position stuff
  23. Position2D** I'm on my phone so I can't edit
  24. (getMarkerPos "yourMarkerName") is your friend. It will return Position3D (x and y) I think.
  25. Not sure if this is the right place the post this, but it IS related to mission editing. Basically, I get paid in a months' time and I've just got my MP mission to point where it can be tested on a large basis. I'm too excited to wait a month to test this with more than one player so if anyone has a server who wouldn't mind hosting the files, not forever, just for an evening or something, then that'll be amazing. If you're able to host and would like to, then please add me on Steam (jlkingsley).