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  1. I dnt have much to show right now but i can give you guys an idea of what it will be like:

    > 30x30km

    >> large mountain range

    > "welsh" forests

    >> train lines


    >>15-20 villages

    >>> Larger realistic RAF Air base

    the Air base will have a 3 km runway and be about 60m in width happy accommodating a C17 with a little space to breathe


    This was an early design for the layout of the Terrain

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  2. Glad you like that sound barrier! :)  What I have yet to validate is whether the latest version works in MP.  What was observed to happen in A2 was the sonic boom would play repeatedly.  Now, this should play only once,  Should.  It needs a MP session w/ multiple players to validate.  If the "boom" sound plays repeatedly, then it is still broken.

    this was taken in M/P didnt get a constant sound though ownly when i actually broke the barrier

  3. One version I did NOT include in my original was a SEAD / DEAD version w/ my ARM missiles.  I didn't want anyone to crash to desktop if they selected those and the weapons weren't present.  The British ALARM missile IS present in my SAM pack however it would take manual loading to equip the plane... item #27 to deal with after the missile box :)

    plaz check your messages mr pookie

  4. ahahaha challenge accpted


    Well the original has an LGB loadout.  Like I said previously, we are stuck until the missilebox port is complete.  Likely this summer.  The "issue" with my originals is I use CUP as my basis since I created nearly everything I made to work w/ the default A2 factions, so CUP is a natural progression for this development cycle.  And since CUP is dealing w/ real world vs. "future world" I am surprised more people don't play with it.


    50km strike - impressive :)  Put some of my SAM launchers up there and try the same thing :D

     >> And completed Challenge Accepted hcpookie - YouTube

  5. What happened to the original LGB loadouts?  Did I miss that on the original?  New skins look good.  To get a mix, what I did was select by color in GIMP, then adjust hue, saturation, and lightness settings.  Which usually works... then presto you have a "blended" texture which is how I got most of those new textures from those baselines you created.



    There wasnt an LGB loadout on pinaz's version my friend, us users have begged for a while and pinaz being one of the most open to ideas creationists has granted it us aswell as that no.1 Sqn texture which im still buzzed about. well done mate its really starting to come full circle my friend looking forward to testing this out in the trials.