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  1. ill be sending you texture for all Uk shortly


    Thank you ;)


    However I have a texture list so far:


    -80s camos:


    Italy (6th wing)

    UK (? wing)

    Germany (? wing)


    -Desert storm:


    Italy (Desert camo, serial number MM7074, the only Italian Tornado shot down by iraqui AA defences)

    UK (Desert camo, one of the shot down tornado)


    -2000s (grey):


    Italy (6th wing, 50th wing ECR variant)

    Germany (? wing, ? wing ECR variant)

    UK (? wing)

  2. Thanks to my works on the tornado I'm learning more about models... The part about the mass of the plane and its distribution can maybe solve the problems of the typhoon when taking off :) It will take some times becouse needs a lots a of test but I think I found the slution to that problem, and maybe to the landing too (not sure about this)  :D

    time to get excited  :D  :D

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  3. Hi guys sorry for the silence on these days but there are some problems:


    Basically some other people proprieties were found in the model and scripts and it's unclear if dezkit have the permissions to include these things, I have to thanks the people who give me the informations to find out this problem before was too late ;)

    Right now I'm trying to figure out what have to be deleted or replaced, and I'm getting in contact with people that made works on this Tornado model on OFP (the model can be dated to 2007 or even older times and made by a guy called ColorChanger!).

    I have successfully contacted PanzerGranadier3 for now, a guy that in 2007 update the original Tornado after ColorChanger disappeared, and he give me the permission to use what he have...


    Now I'm trying to solve the remaning problems with copyrights to have a "legit" plane, and then I will go ahead with the works :)

    what ever we can do to help just let us know man

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  4. I am curious about the lack of OPFOR Naval forces,  we need some desperately and I am trying to contact  Ivan (the Original Author)    Gnat the rework and rerelease or eddyD  for Mlods of the ship and finding some config writers to bring this ship back to life in Arma 3,  any information would be of great assistance,  but I only want their information , if you know them  fairly well and they agree to allow me to E-mail or contact them through  this sites messenger.


       I am considering the beginning of a new Mod  (Opfor Naval Vessels) but only if enough interest is shown,   I am a fair 3d modeler , but havent written a config since OFP days,   ( YES Im that OLD :P )     So  I would be recruiting interested parties,  who want to do this for the community ( NOT FOR PROFIT)  So please dont ask about being paid. 


      If enough people volunteer who are serious, plans will be made and discussed who the Mod leader(s) would be and what ships and boats would be for the pack release.  Most likely we would not be bringing ion all the assets which the Naval Warfare Pack would, just to keep focus on Ships and boats for the time being. 


       In my opinion this is something which Arma 3 needs in the worst way, for future balance and realistic game play.  Thats just my opinion though


      So everyone who reads this, please weigh in with your opinions , but also with suggestions for ships/boats.  Time Era, anything current  or ships upgraded from the cold war Era.


       Quick request to the page site managers,  this is a discussion, not a request, so please dont move this to the addons request thread.  I need people to weigh in and get an honest opinion of if this is something people would actually want !


              Thanks for your time all and have a great day! :)




    talk to hcpookie i believe he may have the answer to what you seek on one of his threads

  5. Alright, here is a video:


    - As you see at the beginning of the video, afterburner somehow works even when engines are off 

    - Auto Landing Touchdown speed is 98 KM/h but it hurts!

    - And "Cannot load texture eaws_ef2000\data\top_nohq.paa"

    also these are mods that I'm running together:


    At the start of the vid you take of at 35 kmh i havent been able to replicate that the after burners can be turned on but they hold no effect unless the engine is turned on as for the other stuff im about to try out the auto landing na it turns out that the autolanding speed is indeed "harmful" to put it for pilot and airframe , i havent had problems with loading textures and im running the same things you are my friend plus more

  6. In htat vid you have a single radar array and standalone SA20 launchers I think.  By design, the site spawner makes all the AI brain power shoot at you.  I debated even making those launchers accessible in the editor because frankly they "need" the brain power to work.  Put one of the sites down and you'll see the difference.

    ok then I'll do the same when I get chance to and I'll place a site or two rather than multiple singular sams