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  1. @Blackmamba We (me and Loopdk) have confirmed we can slingload a chinook and lift off( If even just barely) But we can't fly with the 3CB jackal slingloaded.

    Only thing we can do is "bunny hops" so to speak, after gaining some upward momentum.


    If you want me to explain this, please write me a PM, because I believe you are Dutch aswell ;)

    Looks like you LADS in 3 Para are having the same problem as us over in the 6thAB

  2. I have had feedback that the bitchin' betty alert has helped pilots in hard-to-fly situations like at night and high speed, so it is helpful in-game.  Based on that feedback, I changed the altitude threshold from 75 to 150 (or 125-ish) so it would alert more often.  It can be altered in that script, BB.sqf I think, just need to set the height.  Perhaps altitude of 99 would be best?

    id say the ability to turn it off and on is what ppl would want over having no choice

  3. Hey pinaz good job on the conversion.

    We use this model also in arma 2.

    Dont bother to make brimstones for it as we have some awesome models made by von knudenberg which i am planning to release after unsung bravo is out. This will be in the full frl missilebox which includes all of pooks weapons.

    PLAZ PLAZ PLAZ with the Brimestones make them look like this:



  4. Thank you, about the missile box that's a nice news, for now I'm using Hcpookie brimstones and Storm Shadows from the Eurofighter, I hope to see your missile box soon ;)

    However the works are slowy going on, I have finish made the last hidden selections to give me the possibility to made some retextures.


    Tornado MM7074 of the 50th wing of the Italian air force shot down during Desert storm operations

    For people that like story

    Story from wikipedia:

    During my research of informations about this plane I have also found the transcript of the crash recorder, I have made a quick translation (probably with some errors) from italian:


    Compelling stuff as always pinaz great job buddy