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  1. Hey chaps good work as always:

     I has request for some mtp para gear

    • MTP Para flashes parawings placed were RM is placed XD small and hopefully simple to add



    • My second request is i  guess something that also works into the units as well were basically there is a single unit that can be placed down - he is only wearing the MTP/DPM/DDPM plain unifrom and nothing else

  2. It appears that the laser interaction (just like our Javelin) is currently not working while using ACE3. We are waiting for their next update as hopefully the issues will be fixed. If you are having problems with it without using ACE3, please detail the problem. As for the Apache, I am not sure what you mean.

    ok it is with ace the laser problem but its just with the wildcat the apache self lase is fine , and what i mean by updateing the copilot cockpit is this >>>>>15.jpg

    instead of this >>>>>>>>


  3. Do you guys now if you'll be doing an Apache specialised helmet with built in nvgs? now that bis has made it possible.. As always love your work and possible for the vic topic but will you guys be adding Brimstone to the apache loadout and updating the gunner cockpit to the updated one?? Much love as always

  4. I was thinking maybe as you're doing this tornado in gulf war camo you could do a gulf war pack with planes from different nations such as:

    United States

    United Kingdom



    with planes such as the



    F-117 Night Hawk

    Hawker-Siddely Buccaneer

    GR4 Jaguar


    Handley Page Victor Tanker

    Arma 3 would be the best game ever if it had them planes in it.


    there are  F15S & F14 mods already out buddy put the list sounds interesting

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  5. With the newly introduced target pods, the view looks like this:





    That's quite a pity, so that way can't use the new CCIP..... is there a chance for a fix?

    Hello buddy pinaz is rather busy with school right now im sure once exams an such are over he'll be working hard on both this and the Tornado, and ill be testing like crazy before updates and releases to said mods. Thank you for your continued interest in the mod.
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  6. I suspect you are turning on the non-movable pilot's landing light (using the L key or "lights on").


    The searchlight is available from the copilot's seat with the User Action "Searchlight On" and is definitely steerable. Having said that, I'm not seeing the searchlight beam at all right now, and wonder if the lighting update has broken it.

    No im doing it from the copilot and the beam just heads straight out and doesnt steer.